November 3: Chris Propst

Joust and Double Throat Patch.

There's nothing more that us whitetail hunters dream about than to check those cameras in July and August and see what kind of bucks are popping up in front of them. This year was full of a lot of ups and downs for most hunters in the Midwest. EHD was everywhere and we were so nervous that it was going to hit us, but fortunately, it missed us. Going into the fall of 2012, we had the best year for getting Reconyx pictures we've ever had, and these two bucks were definitely on the hit list!

October started out pretty slow for us, a couple good encounters and taking out a few does kept us busy, but we were ready for the big ones to get on their feet. In the first couple days of November, we were shocked at how bad the movement was. East winds had pushed in, and the deer seemed to have went into hiding. We didn't see a single buck the first two days, not to mention we got skunked on November 2nd! That just doesn't happen to us very often.

November 3rd found us hunting in our favorite morning stand, Twin Towers. We got in the tree good and early and were ready for action. The first two hours were dead! Not a deer. I turned around to dad and said, "what's the deal!?" He just shook his head and said "I have no clue." Ten minutes later the fun began.

As I sat there daydreaming about what deer we might see, I could hear leaves crunching. Just as I turned around, dad was turning around to tell me. He said "Shooter!" As soon as i saw him i told him, "It's the Double Throat Patch buck!" The buck came in to 15 yards of the tree and dad gave him a soft grunt to stop him, and the deer bolted. He ran to about 35 yards and dad was able to make the shot. We were uncertain about the hit, so dad climbed down to look for his arrow. His feet no more than hit the ground and he could see another buck coming. He looked up at me and said, "Dude, it's Joust!"

Still in the camera stand, I tell him to hook his bow back on the pull rope. I start pulling his bow up and as soon as I got it into my hands, I clipped the camera back on the rope and sent it down to him. When Dad got the camera the buck was less than 50 yards away! The buck was getting close when I finally got ready and still in my mind, I thought there is no way this is gonna happen, even though I was getting ready to draw. I finally get a shot and the buck only went about 35 yards! It was unreal, we were in shock.

Even though we knew my deer was done, we slipped out to review dads footage because we didn't want to disturb the area. We noticed that Dad's buck was hit a little low, so we gave him a good amount of time. We snuck back in and recovered my buck then came back long after dark and were able to find Dad's deer.

This was without a doubt the most memorable hunt we've ever had together, and it feels so good to have a couple good ones down. Good luck to everyone the rest of the season and stay safe.