November 4: Andrew Dent

John Williams' eight year old grandson, Andrew Dent harvested his 3rd buck in as many years on the second morning of 2012 Missouri youth season. Andrew was hunting with his dad Aaron Dent, cousin Zach Playle and grandpa John. It was a very exciting week end for all of us.

Andrew's buck came into the same field where he harvested Bruiser last year. We thought the deer would really move good Sunday morning, but Andrew's deer was the only one we saw. After Andrew shot the buck at 100 yards, he told us he was “100%” sure he hit the buck. He was right. We found him piled up only 50 yards from where he shot it.

Andrew came close on Saturday evening but there was a little to much brush in the way for his .223. A huge main frame 10 pt buck came in behind us. We filmed the encounter. I went to Zach for his reaction and he was white as a sheet. This buck is one of the largest we have ever seen on the farm. Zach named him “Lucky”. Ashley came close to killing the same deer on Sunday evening . Hopefully Lucky's luck will run out this fall from either eating Biologic during muzzleload season or chasing does next week. I'm going to say it one more time. I am having a blast hunting with these kids!!!!!