November 9: Matt Drury

What a week! 6 Days to be exact! So I'm back up here for the Missouri Rifle Season hunting with Chris Comstock behind the camera. We reluctantly went out at 2:30pm for an afternoon set. With temperatures at a high of 76 degrees and wind gusts up to 25mph out of the South...we weren't expecting to see much. Boy were we wrong!

We had doe on the field as we walked in...and it was so hot that they stayed right where they were, which was laying down in the Biologic Maximum. From the time we got up in the box blind to the time we saw this bruiser walking right toward us Chris and I probably saw 25-30 deer. I was simply amazed at the movement for how hot and windy it was.

We actually had a couple nice young bucks dogging a hot doe in and out of the field. Plus they kept checking the doe that were in the field to see if they were in. One caveat to all of that, the bucks weren't in the field for more then 30 seconds at any one point all night. So when this mature old bruiser walked into the field around 5:10 we hit the panic button thinking he wouldn't be in the field very long. He marched straight down the field right towards us giving me a shot at probably 60-70 yards. The Thompson Center Dimension .308 hit the mark right where I was aiming. He ran further then what we thought, but Yapper found blood..we trailed him for about 150 yards and dad spotted his rack laying in the timber floor.

This is the best deer I've harvested since Gargoyle on Dream Season 10 DVD. He's nice and mature and if he wouldn't be missing his right G3 we rough scored him around 150", which definitely is my best deer! Either way..6 days and I'm one happy camper. Can't thank dad enough for letting me come up and hang out with the guys. Plus Chris and Yapper for helping film and track. Fun times with good friends for sure!

Safe Hunting! -Matthew W. Drury