This story begins this summer as I got a lot of pictures of a buck on my farm that had a lot of character. He had a chocolate rack and a enormous body, so I named him "Canada" because he reminded me of a Canadian deer! I couldn't wait to get a chance to hunt him.

Along came November with no sightings of Canada. Then one night the neighbor boys came over and said we have all kinds of big bucks on this new cut corn field of ours. I asked the Lamm brothers what these deer looked like. They said we have camera footage of them...we will show you. We hooked it up to my tv and sure enough they had 2 of my target bucks now chasing does on their farm and one was Canada. They had some close calls with Canada and then one morning on November 4th they came over and needed help on a blood trial. The younger Lamm brother Jason shot Canada and said there was a lot of blood. I'm gonna be honest...I was a little disappointed because I thought Canada was dead, but I've grown to like these Louisiana brothers so much I was happy for them! He was so excited but told me he was a little nervous that Canada wasn't dead. He wasn't sure of his shot. He thinks it hit a limb right before the kill zone and deflected the arrow down. I agreed to go look at the blood for them. The blood trail crossed the road and he went on to my farm. After inspecting the blood I realized it was very red blood and did not look like a lethal blood trail to me. Looked more like a muscle hit. I told them to wait him out based on the description of the hit and resume in the morning. They agreed and trailed him a long long way the next morning without finding him... The next day or two after that I received a text saying they saw him again chasing does back on their farm. Klem and I looked at each other and were relieved he was at least alive if they were not going to find him dead!

Fast forward to November 8th. Klem and I had a south wind and agreed upon a green food plot by where we had a lot of pictures of Canada in the summer. We got to stand late and it wasn't a minute after I knocked an arrow and I look up and see Canada doing a scrape in the food plot. Wow, was that fast. After whispering "SHOOTER" to Klem he got the camera on him. He started walking our direction and I realized the closest he was going to get was 47 yards. I ranged him and he stopped perfectly broadside on a scrape. I drew my PSE and steadied. I released and saw my brand new Nockturnal lighted nock heading perfectly for the kill zone just to drop right below him at the last split second. He ran off 20 yards and stood there and blew at us. My emotions were flooded with disappointment on myself. It has been a tough season up to now and I finally get my chance and blow it! That was the 2nd time Canada had escaped an arrow in the past 5 days! Canada stuck around in the brush for 5 to 10 more minutes before walking off to the south. 20 minutes later we look up and see another shooter coming into the plot following a couple does. I asked Klem to get ready. This buck looked like he had a huge set of head gear. I grabbed my bow and was preparing for a shot. Klem said no...no...wait...wait and we couldn't get it done...then I noticed it was the 4 year old 160 inch buck I had Reconyx pictures of. I then let down and told Klem he is the 4 year old that has enormous potential. He turned from chasing a doe and walked by at 24 yards and I passed him. I'm sure glad that Klem and I could not get together on that buck.

The next day was November 9th. One of my favorite days to hunt. We decided to hunt all day on a timbered ridge on the other side of my Iowa farm. We had a good morning with lots of little bucks cruising. We packed sandwiches prepared to hunt all day until we heard a tractor approaching from the north. It was my neighbor. We thought he may push something our way and a tractor won't hurt much. Well...then a chainsaw started up just about 100 yards from our tree! WOW...on November 9th. Obviously he doesn't hunt deer and we just chuckled to ourselves and said thats our sign to move. We hurried out of the tree and headed back to my house to change clothes due to the weather had warmed up to about 64 degrees.

We talked about which stand to hunt. We were going to hunt the same stand as last night where I missed but we both agreed to get a little more aggressive due to the warm weather and hunt the interior food plot. It it a Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beet plot with some clover in it as well. We took the Huntve into about 300 yards of the box blind and slipped in quietly. We were there 5 minutes and I looked over and saw a beautiful male cardinal land in a tree right next to the box blind. I looked at Klem and said boy I sure hope that is Evan Shults looking over us tonight. I actually said to the camera..."Evan I hope you send a big buck our way!"

It wasn't long and Klem said there's a deer to the east. I put my Nikon binocs on him and he was tall tined. He got closer and we realized it was the same 4 year old as last night. Darn. Then another 10 minutes goes by and we see Canada emerge from the brush with a doe. OMG were we excited to see him again. I knew if he followed this doe around in the food plot our chances were good. Canada played cat and mouse about 80 yards away with that doe as he chased off smaller bucks for the next hour. Our nerves were shot and thinking he was never going to get close enough. Then his doe finally turned and headed our direction. We both knew this was our chance. We were in a box blind hunting with a bow. I used to think this was crazy but the more I do it the more I love it! He walked right in front of the box to 8 yards and stood broadside looking at his doe. I asked Klem if he was ready and I drew the PSE and released a perfect shot. (Much easier from 8 yards than 47!) He went 20 to 30 yards and disappeared in a ditch. We never saw him come back up, so we knew he was done! Sure enough, we went and did our recovery right there in that ditch. Upon recovery I couldn't believe how large his body is! The biggest bodied buck I have ever harvested. Close to 300 pounds I would assume. Not to mention all the character in his antlers. Can't wait for everyone to see this footage. We are so excited and blessed. Thank You Evan for looking over us!!!

Tom Ware