Zach and “Lucky”

“Lucky's” luck ran out the second evening of the 2012 Missouri rifle season. Lucky was one of those perfect deer. We never knew the deer existed until opening evening of 2012 Missouri youth season. He just showed up. We have several Reconyx cameras that we have ran all summer. We had several nice shooter bucks on the farm, but we had never gotten any pictures of “lucky”. He is a near perfect main frame 10 pt with long tines. He also had extremely long main beams.

Zach was with us when Andrew Dent almost killed him on opening evening of 2012 Missouri youth season. Zach named him “Lucky”. Zach's sister Ashley came close to killing him on the second evening of youth season. Zach and I also had an encounter with him last week on Nov 8th. We lost camera light by the time he worked into bow shooting range. Zach said he wanted “lucky”. He let his sister hunt 1st on opening day of rifle season. Ashley killed a big 9 pt early the 1st morning. Zach and I hunted Saturday evening. We saw some nice deer, but let them all pass. We didn't see Lucky all day Saturday. It started raining Saturday evening and rained all day Sunday. I checked the weather and noticed it was going to stop raining and clear off early Sun evening. Zach and I were in our “famous” center field shooting house when it stopped raining and started to clear off. We didn't have the best wind, but we had on Scent Blocker and had our Ozonics running. After the rain stopped the deer started pouring into the Biologic. They were literally running into eat. We had seen and passed several bucks when I noticed horns across the creek. Zach took the 10-50 Nikon “Dream Season” binoculars and took a look. He said “ it's him!”. I started filming as Lucky entered the field. Zach was on him with his TC Encore .308.

I told Zach to let him get close so I could film him for awhile. Lucky stopped to eat some Biologic Clover Plus near where he entered the field. The next thing on the menu was Biologic Winter Bulbs and Sugar Beets. Lucky worked toward us and started eating the Biologic. We had several smaller bucks between us and Lucky when he got to about 60 years and truned broadside. Zach “boiler roomed” him with the TC .308. We were both pretty excited. That made 3 nice mature bucks in as many days. Don't tell me Biologic doesn't work!!!. Thanks Bobby Cole! Life, “Retirement” and Grandkids are great!!!!