November 7: Dave Reisner

Just coming on the heels of our success in Iowa with SW Iowa Outfitters, Dave and I found ourselves headed south to Kansas to continue our Bow Madness Midwest challenge of 4 tags, 2 states, one week. We hooked up again with Brad Czapanskiy with Highland Ridge Outfitters. It the same place that I harvested a nice 150” class mature 10 pointer last year on Bow Madness. It also happens to be the same place that my son Jacob shot his first Rio Grande turkey this past spring, so it is hard to not get excited to go hunt a place where you have such great memories.

Well Dave was up to bat first and his hunt did not last long. On the first morning of our hunt we saw a nice 140 class 8 pointer, but he blew by the stand so quickly that I did not even get video of him. Then we decided to change stands at mid-day and we bumped a big 10 pointer while we were getting settled into our set and again no video. Ugh! Luckily for Dave an hour or so later he looked up and saw a big bodied mature buck coming down the same trail. He called to the mature mainframe 8 pt one time on his MAD Hyper Growl and that was all it took. Dave’s Nikon rangefinder said 26 yards and he made the most of his opportunity, as we watched the big boy hit the ground from our tree. I have been amazed at just how lethal the new Rage Xtreme broadheads have been for us this year!

Dave was pumped to harvest his first ever Kansas buck and now I was up to bat! I wish I could say that this hunt had a story book ending and that I was able to harvest a big mature KS buck as well, but it was just not in the cards for me this year. I was only able to hunt 2 days and then I had to head back home as the family was sick with the flu! Oh well God willing, I will be back in Kansas again next year in November to give it another try.

The most exciting part of our season is yet to come as I will be filming my children Madison and Jacob in South Texas and in Iowa and Dave will be filming Amy with her trusty PSE bow in Iowa until the gun season opens.

Good Hunting!
John and Dave