November 10: Greg & Derek Glesinger

The season started out very rough... Coming home from the Drury Fall Meeting(late Sept) I got a call from one of my neighbors. EHD hit our WI farm! After several days of walking 1,100 acres owned by several land owners and getting the WI DNR involved, we found 83 dead deer, with 33 being bucks. Given the significant herd loss we turned to the Reconyx Trail Camera's to give us an inventory of the remaining herd, but as predicted our trail pictures went dead. The goal shifted in WI from hunting mode to observation mode and we doubled our food plots to attract and hold the remaining deer herd.

With the depleted herd in WI, I quickly focused my attention to Missouri for the opening of gun season. We had several 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 year old deer targeted to harvest. Opening day temperatures hit 72 degrees, which really affected the deer movement, allowing us to only see two does and a glimpse at a buck on our hit list. With a huge cold front coming that was calling for rain and a drop of 42 degrees we knew the deer would be on their feet. We woke to rain and colder temperatures and we made the decision to set out the morning hunt and get into the blind before the rain subsided. Around 1:15pm the movement picked up, but of the wrong kind.

The neighbors cattle were coming out of our bedding area and hitting our Biologic Field. Could we get any more bad luck? EHD in Wisconsin and now our neighbors cattle chewing up our food plots! We could only laugh at this point... Once the cattle moved on, the deer started to hit the Biologic Field. At 1:45pm the Old Monarch came into the field checking for does, and we knew right away who he was. AKA the "Club Buck", one of the mature deer we were looking for. We put the TC .270 on his shoulder and let the Winchester fly. We knew the deer was big, but the closer we got to him the bigger the body got. Mr. "Club" hit the scale at 185 pounds field dressed! It's truly a challenge to hunt mature deer, regardless of score.

"Thanks" goes out to Arik Duhr for laying down some great footage!

 Side Note:

On November 17th during the MO Rifle Season, Greg fulfilled his long awaited goal of being there with his son when he harvested his first buck.  Here is the story of that day:  

As with most young boys exposed to the great outdoors and hunting, Derek's passion for chasing a "big buck" started out when he was 3 years old, doe hunting with me. Together we have enjoyed many years of hunting Turkey and Whitetail Deer. Leading up to this hunt, we were lucky enough to harvest several does, but never a Buck! It was more about exposing him to the sport and getting the Whitetail insanity that I have flowing in my blood, into his.

Hearing that Missouri allowed youth hunters to truly hunt at the age of 6, I quickly turned my focus to Derek and getting him engaged in going. Late in 2011, I asked how interested he would be if he was the one to pull the trigger on a Whitetail, of course he was in with enthusiasm. Before he could pull that trigger, he needed a gun that would fit him correctly. To my surprise, Thompson Center had just released the New Venture Compact this spring designed for small shooters. Once they came available we quickly tracked one down and topped it off with a Nikon Scope. It was time to see if he could really shoot. We filled up milk jugs and water bottles with water and food coloring for better visibility; that got his attention... After a few rounds he was honestly shooting as good as or better than I. His confidence grew with every shot and he was handling the TC 7mm-08 perfectly.

We nailed down the second weekend of the Missouri Gun Season as our trip to chase his first ever Whitetail Buck. Derek was off school that Friday, so we headed south to Missouri at 5:30am, which would put us in the stand by 1:00pm ready to go. With many hours in the truck we talked about what we were looking for in a whitetail and what size of one he would be happy with shooting. His response was nothing smaller than an 8pt and nothing younger than a 4 year old. He's listened to me talk for years, and now my Buck expectations, have become his. I let him know that any buck or doe he wished to take was fine with me. The farm gate was open to let the TC go on the whitetail of his choice, to which he replied, "Thanks Dad but I really want an 8pt."

After two days of hunting it all came down to 10 seconds or less… We had several doe's in our Biologic Food Plot that were about 150 yards away from our blind. I heard something to our left and there he was 50 yards and moving quickly onto the Biologic Field to check the doe's. I gave Derek the go sign and the intensity in the blind increased for both him and I. I knew we had to get a bead on him within110 yards so Derek could get a comfortable shot, within his abilities. Lucky enough he stopped at 93 yards and Derek released the safety and drop the TC hammer and made the perfect shot.

Through this journey I thought I was competing against the X-Box, I-Pad, I-Touch and the technology we live in today for Derek's time and interest. Come to find out I was competing against myself… The more I taught him the more interested he became and the more questions he asked. I never thought a 9 year old would teach me a life lesson, but in this case he did. The more time I gave him the more serious he took it. From grabbing my IPad to review trail pictures and asking what names we gave the Bucks to talking about what stand we would see them by. At the close of this journey I'm truly appreciating the lesson Derek taught me; the ultimate lesson, the more we give them the more you get in return.
“A hunt I will never forget, Thanks Derek!”

Good Luck and Safe Hunting!

Greg Glesinger