November 28: Zach Playle

Zach’s “lucky streak” continues. This is the second time this fall Zach has harvested an archery buck after school. With all of his school activities and work we usually only have Saturday’s and a few evenings after school. My sister who lives on our farm had been seeing a very big buck with 7 or 8 mature does.

This buck just sort of showed up during Missouri rifle season. I was in Kansas filming Jeff Propst second week-end of Mo gun season. Zach went on a scouting mission and saw this deer at about 100 yards. Zach thought it would be a good deer for me for muzzleload season. So our plan was to go sit in the Biologic where we could hopefully get some footage (pre roll) for my muzzleload hunt. Zach still had a Missouri any deer tag left, so he brought the “my” PSE EVO with him. Again his Evo has a broken sight pin. It was 3:45 by the time we got set up. We busted a couple of antlerless in the field, but they didn’t blow at us. A few minutes later the deer started pouring into the Biologic. We had three or four nice bucks in the field along with 40 or so smaller bucks and antlerless. We thought we were going to get a chance at these deer coming into the Biologic from 4 or 5 different directions. We were on “pins and needles”.

With just a few minutes of camera light left, Zach said “big 10 pt coming to our left”. I started filming. Zach turned the second camera on. The game was on! The buck was broadside ,then turned and started to walk away. Zach had the EVO and Nikon ranger finder in hand. The buck turned broadside to us again and Zach let the Page Extreme fly. It was neat to see the Nocturnal knock fly through the air to the buck. We knew the big buck was finished. He only made it about 30 yards out of the field. We did not know this buck. We checked a Reconyx camera in the area after Zach’s kill and found several pictures of the “new” buck. I can’t say enough about Biologic. Thanks again Bobby Cole. I’m up next as Zach is out of tags! What a year we have had so far. It definitely makes all the hard work and effort pay off.