December 8: Elle Ware

I can't express in words how proud I'm feeling right this very minute as I write this journal entry about my daughter Elle Ware. To be honest, it has been a long road for her to kill her first deer!  I actually have to admit that even I was wondering if she had a curse much like the Chicago Cubs.

Every time we would go out to hunt over the last two years we would hardly see any deer if any at all!  Then, one day at Tall Tine Outfitters in Illinois we saw a lot of deer. A couple bigger bucks out of range and then a doe at 20 yards. Elle would not kill a doe because she wanted to shoot a buck like her sister did for her first deer. She said she wanted some memorabilia to take home. (Personally I think it was all about the competition...she wanted to beat her sisters first buck and even better have a chance at beating her biggest buck that scored 154 3/8. )

Our first night of hunting Iowa's 2nd gun season was last night on December 8th. We saw a bunch of deer late and one good buck but he was just too far for her to shoot. It rained this morning and she wanted to sleep in so we were hoping to get a chance tonight. We had the right wind to hunt the 308 food plot. We have harvested a pile of bucks out of this box blind. The most of any spot on my farm!  

We were headed to stand early at 1:45pm and she pointed out there were 5 deer already in the food plot. I looked up and saw a big buck right under the box blind. I filmed him for a moment and a doe saw us and all the deer ran off. I knew the big buck didn't see us so I told Elle we had a chance to see that buck again tonight.  

We settled in the box blind and it wasn't long and we were seeing deer. Then about 3:30 we saw 2 big bucks at the far north end of the food plot but they were about 250 yards away. Elle is only shooting 1 pellet in her Thompson Center Contender muzzleloader. That means we were limiting her to 50 to 60 yards. Those bucks had a long way to come. The older 5 year old buck pushed the 4 year old into the timber and we concentrated on the 5 year old buck. We filmed him for 10 or 15 minutes then Elle said "Dad, there's a buck right in front of us!" The 4 year old had come out of the timber and was already at 40 yards!  I told Elle to get your gun up and shoot him in the heart!  I struggled to move the tripod and camera from the other 5 year old 10 point to this bigger 14 point 4 year old. Good thing the camera was on a tripod because I was able to film and help get her ready at the same time.

Long story shorter...she got it done. Smoked him and good footage on top of that. Then my proudest moment was when we went to recover him. He actually ran pretty far!  She tracked him like a bloodhound!  I'm embarrassingly colored blind with the color red so it's hard for me to see blood, but there were no worries with her!  She can see blood like its glowing in the dark. Took us right to her buck and we celebrated.

Her favorite part of the night was late when I finally scored him for her. Her eyes lit up when I told her she beat her sisters biggest buck by 3 1/2 inches!!!  I guess she gets a little of that competitive nature from me...sorry about that Elle.... :)

Proud Pappa Ware