December 7: Greg Glesinger

After several weeks of bow hunting during the rut and coming up empty, I finally got a break and took down a 10 pointer. A cold front was coming to Northern Missouri so I quickly put together a plan with the help of John Williams (fellow DOD member) to take advantage of the help Mother Nature was dishing out.

Our time was limited so we decide to sit the majority of the day. We got into the stand around 9:30am and had bumped one small buck off Biologic Field. We had deer traffic on and off the field the entire morning and early afternoon. With all the doe movement we were seeing our confidence and spirits were high. We haven't hunted this section of the farm that much this year because of not having the right wind direction, but it's one of my favorite sections because of access and big deer traffic. To top it all off our biggest deer aka "Caption Hook" calls this section home, thus the reason we were heading to this blind. I had high hopes that we would get a crack at him since we just saw him during gun season and had to hold because it was just passed camera light.

Finally, we got our first visual of a small buck around 3:20pm and then a parade of bucks started milling around the plot. Most of the deer where coming to the Biologic Field and then moving south to the corn, with many walking by within bow range. A mature deer hit the Biologic Field and he was working his way to the doe's that were right in front of the blind. Once he got within bow range, John and I agreed he was 4.5 years old. It was time to make it happen. The deer got within 33 yards of the blind while eating Biologic but never gave us a broadside view. Between the Biologic and him watching the doe's he was not moving anytime soon. I actual drew on him once as he was taking a small step, thinking he would give me a broadside look. To my surprise he stayed quartering to. After holding at full draw for well over a minute, I knew I had to let the bow down. Several minutes later he finally gave us a broadside shot at 32 yards and I let the PSE and Rage go to work. The arrow hit it's mark and another mature deer falls to a PSE.

A big "Thank You" goes out to John Williams for jumping into the blind with me and sharing in the experience we all live to do!

Good Luck and Safe Hunting!

Greg Glesinger