I harvested the oldest buck of my life tonight. He was an old warrior 8 point that has walked the dirt on this farm for the last 7 1/2 years! I was a little sad to see him go, but honored to have the chance to wrap my hands around his massive antlers.

I had only seen him alive from stand twice before tonight and they both were from afar. I would have loved to harvest him with a bow but this buck was just too savvy.

I had named him "Soldier" a few years ago because his tines stood straight up as if they were at attention much like a soldier. I had picked up 4 shed antlers from him over the past several years including both sides this past spring laying right next to each other.

He came out early tonight about 3:30pm to one of my favorite food plots filled with Biologic Maximum. I patiently waited for several deer to clear the way for a safe ethical shot with my TC Pro Hunter and dropped him in the green Biologic field. No tracking!

That is the 6th buck taken off my Iowa farm this year and if you add up all their ages it comes to 35 years. My goal is to harvest bucks a minimum of 5 years old and would prefer to let them get to be 6 or 7. It's tough to do and means you have to pass up some giant 4 year olds that will score in the 160s...but it's the right thing to do. It's not all about killing any buck. It's the challenge of killing a truly mature buck!! That's what I love!!