December 18: Chris Propst

The story of Yankee really started in 2010. We first encountered this buck on 10/12/10, just two days after i got married. We were sitting on a gas line that we had a small food plot on, and he was on his way in, but he just wouldn’t come close enough before dark. We knew that he was a mature whitetail, at least a 4.5 years old at the time. 2010 came and went, and when 2011 rolled around, Yankee had grew into a 10 point and noticeably bigger than he was as a 9 point the year before. We had named him “Yankee” because all of the pictures we had got on our Reconyx cameras of him were on the north end of the farm. In December of 2011, I was hunting with my dad when we had our second encounter with Yankee. We were sitting on a partially cut corn field on a mild late season evening and out pops this old buck. Dad had made the shot on him but clipped him low. We were sick! We had thought he heart shot him at first, but once we reviewed the footage, we knew it was just too low. Sadly, I lost the footage by deleting the wrong card while logging footage. Brilliant right!?

This year we really focused hard on Missouri. The last two seasons, either my dad or myself have had an Iowa tag, and we’ve spent the majority of the time filming each other up there. After we killed our two bucks in Missouri on 11/3, we couldn’t wait to hunt the late season. It’s beginning to be my favorite time to hunt. This year I was focused on two different bucks for late season. A big 9 point I call Rome, and Yankee. I did a lot of scouting for late season, glassing from afar, checking cameras and hunting all around the areas where we were seeing these bucks the most. I encountered Yankee two times in December before Missouri’s late muzzleloader season.

I wasn’t able to get up to our farm to hunt the first couple of days of the muzzleloader season, but I was able to head up on December 19th to hunt with John Williams. My dad wasn’t able to be with me, so John volunteered to film me, and with his lucky streak going, I was pumped. We got in the blind good and early with a major front rolling in, we knew the deer were going to be on their feet. We had seen a lot of deer, but hardly any bucks and no shooters. Our evening was over in our minds. I had just put our secondary angle camera up and was getting ready to put my gun up, when I looked out into the field and saw a big buck walking toward us. I threw my binos up and told John, “It’s Yankee!” John got the camera rolling, and i opened up the box blind window and got my gun ready. We got the buck stopped at about 130 yards and I made a perfect shot.

We came back and had some dinner and then it was out to track. As soon as we got to the field, it was starting to rain pretty hard. It was hard to find blood and we were starting to get worried. Luckily I looked up after a bout 90 yards of tracking in the pouring down rain, and Yankee was finally mine. Here is at least a 6.5 year old whitetail that we’ve had a ton of history with. What an awesome way to kick off the late season. Still a couple of weeks left, and we might just try to kill another one!