December 27: Jacob O'Dell

We I was still on a major high from Madison harvesting her fist buck ever with her PSE Chaos bow as I was driving to another ranch in South Texas with my son Jacob in hopes for him to harvest his second TX buck of the year with his TC Impact Muzzleloader. It was a short night with not much sleep, but it was late December and the rut was still hanging on in this part of the Lone Star State, so we were both full of anticipation of a great hunt.

It seemed like our expectations were going to be met right out of the gate as we were into big bucks immediately. The great thing about the rut still going on was that we were seeing lots of deer. The bad thing was that it was tough go get on one so mid-morning we decided to try some rattling. Well the plan worked perfectly and we had a good mature buck come racing in within minutes of our first sequence. Then he stood over a hot doe for what seemed like forever before finally running off with the doe. Well I hit the horns one more time and to my amazement the buck came running back so quickly that I barely had time to get the camera on him. The guide said take him and before I could say to wait Jacob let her rip with his TC and made a great shot. Luckily I did get the buck on video for a few seconds before the shot and I filmed him going down on video. What a hunt! We were all high fives and big smiles!

I had just filmed my two oldest children harvest good mature bucks within 24 hours of each other and we made memories to last a lifetime in the process! To me that is what this great sport is all about. Spending time with family in the great outdoors and when you successfully harvest an animal, well that is just the icing on the cake!

Good hunting and Happy New Year!