Several years ago while hunting on my farm I encountered a buck in November that was still in velvet. He had a beautiful typical rack and was 2 or 3 years old. The buck was simply given the name The Velvet Buck.

The first winter was really hard on his velvet rack and several tines froze off. He would never lose his velvet but continued to grow new antlers from his pedicles. He was very much a home boy but very nocturnal. He seemed to be very confused as to gender. One summer he spent most his time with a bachelor group, but the majority of his time was spent alone or with does. I began to notice that his body was getting really enormous. When I would see him, I had no doubt who it was.

One afternoon on a late season hunt a few years back, my son Jacob, tried to take him with the TC. The bullet deflected off some soybeans and The Velvet Buck made it through another season. I have had may encounters with him over the years. In the back of my mind I kept hoping that he would shed his enormous pedicles and grow a giant rack!
Well at 9 ½ years old, I figured that this wasn’t in the cards anymore. I really wanted to find out what The Velvet Buck really was before he died or was taken down by coyotes or something. It was time to go after him. My friend, John Seid, had been filming with me a lot the last few years and had just filmed me take a 20 pointer! I told John that I would film him, so the hunt for The Velvet Buck began.

John and I went out on January 2nd and sat up in a round bale blind on the end of a strip of corn. We had been getting lots of Reconyx pictures of him with a group of about 8 does and fawns in this field. Sure enough, he showed up but did not present us with a good shot. Two nights later, we took the tractor down to the other end of the corn strip. The tractor does not seem to bother the deer so we used it to cover our approach and allow us to set up a ground blind. We left the tractor running until the blind was up and brushed in. I then left John there and drove a couple hundred yards away and parked it behind some brush.

I then snuck back to the blind and got in with John. It was 2:00 and within minutes of getting settled in the action started! We were in the middle of a pre-hunt interview, when the group of does that The Velvet Buck had been hanging out with lately started to come out. About 5 minutes later, there he was. John waited until he had the perfect shot with his TC pistol. The shot was about 140 yards. John settled in and let one fly. The Velvet Buck ran off the field. I was very confident in John’s shot, for I have seen him drop a buck at 350 yards with that gun. When we took up the trail, The Velvet Buck had not gone 30 yards. It had been a perfect hit. The first thing we noticed was that this was by far the biggest buck either of us had ever seen! He was simply huge. The Velvet Buck weighed in at 259 pounds after being field dressed. That puts him at over 300 pounds live weight! His shoulder height was 6 inches bigger than the 20 pointer I had previously shot! It turned out that The Velvet Buck had no testicals. I was not surprised by this, but what did surprise me was…

For the rest of the story, be sure to watch the hunt on Drury’s Natural Born next season!