January 25: Jacob O'Dell

Well we are finally getting settled in our new home in Boerne Texas and so the wife was gracious enough to give me a hall pass to go hunting with my new best friend in South Texas, Nick Anderson who is the Ranch Manager and head guide at Brushy Hill Ranch http://www.brushyhill.com/ . As a follow up to her first buck with her PSE bow Madison asked to come back and try to shoot a wild hog. Well Madison was not feeling well on the day of our hunt, so Jacob was batter up! One person’ s misfortune is another person’s good fortune I guess, so as much as I felt bad that Madison was not feeling well and could not go, I was pumped to take Jacob as he was so excited to get to go after his first hog with his PSE crossbow!

Once again Nick had done his homework. He sent me several pics of lots of hogs and felt like with any luck we could get one on the ground. The weather was warm on the day of our hunt with highs in the mid 70’s which is warm in late January even for this part of Texas but we were going no matter what as there was no way I was wasting the hall pass from the wife! To make a long story short right at primetime several hogs came in. It was so cool to see the excitement on Jacob’s face. As a matter of fact he was so excited when he took aim and I gave him the green light on an a big white boar hog he pulled the trigger on his PSE foxfire crossbow and nothing happened. He was so wired he forgot to release the safety! When he did it went CLICK and that big boar was out of there! Luckily for Jacob good sized brown boar hog showed up and this time Jacob kept his composure, took his safety off, and made a good shot. He definitely put the crossbow Rage in the pig cage. We were both super excited! Again a huge thank you goes out to Nick, Pete, and Ava!

Now we are all looking forward to our upcoming Bow Madness Team hunt in April for Turkey and Hogs! Well if I can wait that long that is… I may have to sneak back in ahead of the group and try to shoot that big white boar my son almost shot! How does it go again? One person’s misfortune….

Good Hunting!