Well it was time for the last group hunt of the year. It was to be held at Tara Wildlife in Mississippi. I was looking forward to seeing everyone and getting back down to Tara. It had been 6 years since I had hunted there. It is one of my favorite hunts because the Catch-A-Dream child will be there as well and it is always a pleasure and an honor to share a hunting camp with them.

The first morning as we were going down for breakfast we had sad news of the passing of David Lindsey’s mother and Jeff’s grandmother. It was a sad morning and a sad first set in the tree. It was a slow morning set as Coon Dog and I only seen 7 deer. That evening as we got back in the tree the action was better than that morning. We saw our first shooter of the hunt! 

The next morning Coon Dog and I got in the tree we had deer on us before it broke daylight. As light began to break I heard Coon Dog say nice buck, as I looked in the direction in which he had the camera pointed I saw a nose behind the tree. I pulled up the Nikon’s to look and the deer stepped out of behind the tree and it was a shooter about 75 yards from us! As I grabbed for my EVO and looked again he was coming straight to us! He just kept walking directly head on with no angle to shoot. Finally he was at point blank range and stopped. He finally turned and gave me the angle I was looking for and I released the arrow and it found it’s mark! Team Mad was on the board as well and it was only 6:50 am ! That is the way we like them, short and sweet!

Now all we had to do is fill our doe tag and we could be the only Team to fill both tags! The next evening we went out to a stand that did not have a camera stand in the tree. Brad told us that it was in a good spot so we carried a stand in and popped it up. As we got strapped in I was giving a pre hunt interview a saw 2 mature doe heading our way! I let the first one walk by so I could pick the spot and to use my Nikon range finder so I would know the exact yardage. When the second doe walked into that same spot I stopped her and let the EVO go! It was a 32 yard shot and the Rage found it’s mark ! She only went 22 yards and fell! The entire hunt to about 5 minutes! Since Brad had just dropped us off I quickly called him to turn around and come back to get us!

As the hunt ended it truly was a great week! All the teams killed their bucks. Team Mad killed a buck and a doe, Petey Miseli killed his first buck ever and The Dream Season cast got to make some new friends and share some great memories. We would like to thank the entire staff at Tara for all their hard work and great food! We would also like to thank the Drury editors for all the hard work they put in as always those guys never stopped all week!