January 25: Petey Miceli

Petey was the recipient of this years Catch A Dream Hunt with the Dream Season Journey cast!  We couldn't be more thrilled to have this young man and his family in all the way from Queens, New York to Tara Wildlife in Mississippi!! 

Bobby Culbertson from Tara Wildlife had honed in on this beautiful mature buck and had things all set up for Terry, Bobby, Petey and Petey's Father and Grandfather (both also named Peter) to have a special and memorable hunt this afternoon!  It didn't take long for the magic to start and when all was said and done Petey made a magnificent shot and dropped this buck in it's tracks!  

We can't thank Catch A Dream and Dr. Marty Brunson enough for setting things up as well as the great staff at Tara Wildlife down in Vicksburgh Mississippi!  Truley great people from top to bottom and Drury Outdoors couldn't be more proud of our affiliation with two great groups!  

A special thanks goes out to Petey and his family; Peter, Pete, Phyliss, Gio and Sophia!  We can't wait to share your families story and special bond on Dream Season The Journey this coming summer!