To say I'm proud of my daughter is hardly enough...4 gobblers in the last 4 years at age 12!! WOW! Jessica is just one of those natural hunters. After age 8 I really haven't had to teach her much. She is an awesome shot and she just knows what to do and when to do it. When to stay still, when to move and when to shoot. That's stuff that is very hard to "teach" and I wish I could take the credit but she is just darn SMART for a 12 year old! Book smart and common sense smart in the class room and in the woods. Ok, I will stop bragging on my daughter!! Sorry... I just love to hunt with her.

I took both my girls out to my new farm in Greene County Illinois during the youth weekend hunt. It was the first morning and the gobblers were excited to finally get some warm weather! It had warmed up to 45 to 50 degrees in the mornings and that is much warmer than its been in a long time! Afternoon temps were reaching near 70 degrees and the birds were gobbling a little more than they had the past few days.

Elle Ware, my 10 year old was up to bat first. She only had a t-shirt on along with a sweatshirt and was a little cold. I saw a big gobbler coming in and I thought that would warm her blood a little...but instead I think she got a little turkey fever and being a little cold made her shiver something fierce! She said she couldn't shoot this turkey and wanted Jessica to do it. I tried and tried to get Elle to get the gun up but she was just too cold and wasn't gonna do it so she said she wanted her sister Jessica to shoot him. Well, Jessica did a double take on that comment. You didn't have to tell her twice. She had that gun up and was ready before I had to tell her to hold the reins back and ask Elle one more time. Elle said again...NO...she wasn't going to shoot him. I said ok and told Jessica to get ready.

The bird hung up a bit and was in full strut for several minutes. He just wasn't going to come any closer and I thought he was at about 40 yards. I asked Jessica if she wanted to try him? She said sure and got ready for the shot. She aimed just a little high and it did the trick! 4th Big Gobbler at age 12. I couldn't believe it. Elle was excited too and she wasn't cold anymore! I was glad she was there and we all experienced the hunt together. I think Elle will be ready next time a big gobbler comes our way.

Believe it or not Jessica's turkey was over 50 yards away. We got out of the blind and walked it off. If I would have thought he was that far I would not have given her the go ahead, but I'm glad it worked out in her favor. Super long shot for a 20 gauge! It was a great hunt to have both of my older girls in the blind with me and have an exciting hunt on the opening morning of the youth season.