What a way to kick off my 2013 Turkey Season but to be involved in a youth hunt in Missouri. When I received the call from James Harrison who is well known to all as a Championship Turkey Caller and by far one of the Worlds Best Owl Hooters, I could not turned down the invite to go with James and his son Carter.

On that Saturday prior to the hunt, James took me to the location where his oldest son Cody has been watching two birds fly down each morning into a hay field. Cody had told James that one of the birds was very dominate and that he was a fighter. So after making a quick determination on where to set up, it was easy to figure out that we needed to place a blind along the field edge and by gosh I just happen to have a Big Game Redemption Blind in the back of my truck. So after setting up the blind it was time to back out and wait for the next morning.

Now its 5:15 Sunday morning and we are in the blind just waiting for the birds to greet us with that majestic gobble and they didn’t let us down. The only problem was instead of two birds which were normally at that location, we now just had one and the big question was which bird was it? Well at 6:10 the bird flew down but the only problem was the distance of his landing pad was close to 300 yards.

When the bird hit the ground he immediately started gobbling so with a little yelping from James the bird was on his way. The only problem we had now was the bird that flew down was the less dominate bird and boy was he a slow walker which was ok by me because I was able to lay down some awesome footage of the bird.

As the bird continued his death march, I didn’t know who was shaking more me are Carter but one thing was for sure when that bird finally made it to the decoys at 17 yds Carter was able to dirt roll that bad boy. Carter was one happy kid to bag his first turkey and I just want to thank James for letting be part of his sons dream. So when ever you can make sure you take those kids hunting because it’s a blast!!!!!  -Coon Dog