April 4: Adam Frank, John O'Dell, Dave Reisner

Hunter: Adam Frank
Date: April 5th
Animals: Rio Grande Turkey and Grey Fox
Weapon: PSE
Location; Brushy Hill Ranch South Texas

Hunter: John O’Dell
Date: April 6th 2013
Animal: Double Beard (8” and 11”) Rio Grande Turkey
Weapon: PSE Dream Season DNA
Location: Brushy Hill Ranch South Texas

Hunter: Dave Reisner
Date: April 6th 2013
Animal: Wild Hog
Weapon: PSE Omen
Location: Brushy Hill Ranch South Texas

Well as a follow up to my awesome hunt with Taylor and Mark the weekend before, I was meeting the Bow Madness cast back at Brushy Hill Ranch in South Texas. The Franks, Rick, Greg, Dave, and I were going to get together to hunt turkeys, hogs, and predators with our PSE’s! Pete and Ava’s Brushy Hill Ranch is a bow hunting only day lease near Sabinal Texas. It has an abundance of game and diversity of habitat and we were all anxious to get after it with our bows in hand.

Taylor had set the high bar the weekend before with a great hunt for a big old South Texas Rio! So we were all anxious to see what we could do. The weather forecast was perfect and Nick Anderson the Ranch Manager at Brushy Hill had done his homework with Reconyx camera’s and had several Big Game Redemption blinds brushed in and ready to go.

Well even though there were plenty of turkeys on the ranch they were mostly 3 year olds and jakes due to the drought 2 years prior and the older gobblers were really henned up! That makes it tough to hunt turkeys anywhere especially with a bow. In spite of the tough conditions both Adam Frank and I harvested gobblers with our bows. Mine was a beautiful double beard with almost 20” of beards! Adam also shot a grey fox and Dave finished things off with a good hog. There were some other close calls of the unfortunate kind where team members had shots at close range but could not seal the deal, but we won’t mention any names right Greg and John Frank?

Anyway we all had a blast with lots of laughs and some great hunting! As a group we completed the trifecta of turkeys, a hog, and a predator in only a couple days of hunting. A big thank you from our Bow Madness Team goes out to Pete, Ava, and Nick for hosting this hunt! We really appreciated it and look forward to doing it again in the future.

Good Hunting this Spring!
The Bow Madness Cast