Opening day of Illinois turkey season was great. I had everything planned out and thought it was going to happen. A friend of mine Brennan Davidson filmed me on Monday but we just couldn't get it done. I wasn't patient enough. If we would have stayed put, we would have killed a turkey yesterday....oh well. Some things happen for a reason and now I know why.

I didn't have a cameraman this morning and was actually looking forward to filming myself. Time in nature by yourself sometimes is just very relaxing and when the turkeys are gobbling all around you and you're in the middle of them all... its even better. That was my situation this morning. With a pop up blind I figured it just wasn't that difficult anymore to film yourself for turkeys. We have these Go Pro cameras that help out immensely. I had the camera on a tripod looking out and the Go Pro on me in the blind.
I was located in what I call a strut zone. It's where I have been seeing turkeys about every single time I go to this part of the farm.
Its a small secluded field between two chunks of timber.

Instead of a long story...I will cut to the chase. I had 5 big gobblers come into my set with 4 hens. 3 of the hens also had beards which was pretty cool. It was a very manly strut zone I guess!

Footage was off the charts as all 5 Toms strutted their stuff trying to show off to actually the one hen that wasn't so manly and didn't have a beard. They strutted for about 30 minutes out of range at about 75 yards. It was a show and then one of the Toms bred the hen. The hen then got up and started heading my way towards my decoy set. It was a perfect morning as my 20 gauge slammed that turkey to the ground. The show was over but I caught it all on tape. That's why I love to do what I do. I can experience that all over again from my living room time and time again!!!!

Amazing morning!