May 20: Jacob O'Dell, Amy Reisner, Dave Reisner

“Passing it on”

Back in 2011 Dave and I were fortunate enough to be the guests of Dawn and DJ Enns at Black Bear Island lodge  to film some Bear Madness. To say that we had the experience of lifetime would be an understatement! We both harvested beautiful color phase black bears, we both caught giant northern pike and lots of walleyes, and we made lifelong friends in the process. BBIL offers great bear hunting, trophy fishing, great guides, great scenery, great accommodations, and great meals! When you add it all up, it is a must do northern adventure.

Well with the amazing experience that Dave and I had while at Black Bear Island Lodge, we decided to bring my son Jacob of his first big game adventure and Dave’s wife Amy for her first ever spring bear hunt. So the date was set for opening week 2013. In preparation for the hunt my son took his hunter safety course and also got his passport. In the months leading up to our trip both he and Amy practiced with their PSE equipment, so that they would be ready for the hunt.

So fast forward to May 18th 2013 and we were finally on our way to Saskatchewan to BBIL. Jacob and I met up with Dave and Amy in Minneapolis MN and then we all flew together to Saskatoon Canada. We spent the night and then drove up to La Ronge to take the 30 minute float plane ride to reunite with our great friends Dawn and DJ and the rest of the group at BBIL. Well I had super high expectations for this adventure with my son and Dave and Amy and somehow my expectations were still exceeded on this trip! You will have to check out Bow Madness on the Outdoor Channel in summer of 2014 to get all of the details but to sum it up Jacob took his first black bear ever with his PSE Smoke crossbow and Nikon BoltXr scope. After he shot his bear a blonde color phase bear came in that Amy shot later in the week. Then Dave shot his best bear to date with Amy’s PSE Vedetta. Collectively it is the best bear footage Dave and I have ever filmed by far. There were 11 hunters in camp and all 11 had shot opportunities at good bears. Jacob’s bear was the largest bear harvested in camp until the last day when another hunter from Iowa shot the biggest spring bear in the history of Black Bear Island Lodge. It was an absolute giant and it took six men to carry it out of the woods and load it in the boat. Jacob caught 15 Northern Pike over 40” with his largest being 46” and as a group we caught 41 Pike over 40”. I was lucky enough to catch the first 50” northern pike of my life and Dave caught a 50” pike later in the week so we tied for the largest fish. We had so much fun with lots of laughs with great friends, great food, great scenery, great hunting, and great fishing!! I think Jacob summed it up best when he said it was the best trip of his entire life!! None of us can wait to go back and do it all over again!

So with that, we will back for the opening week in 2015 for Drury Outdoors week with Black Bear Island Lodge for some more Bear Madness!!

Good Hunting!
John and Dave