It's been 5 long years since my last bear hunt with Lost Trail Black Bear Outfitters in Northern Saskachewan. Good buddy Kris Lenz had booked a week long trip to Buffalo Narrows to go after the seclusive color phase giants that live there. I had an incredible hunt last time there and shot a great 6-1/2' boar form the ground with my PSE. Kris had two others committed and said he was looking for one more guy to make the trip. I was pretty content with my last bear but thought it might be a great opportunity to take Daltyn after his first so I agreed to tag along and run camera. First things first and we met up with Mike Clemen (co-owner of Lost Trail Black Bear Outfitters) and hooked him up with 7 Reconyx cameras to monitor the baits. This way we could save time and sit only baits with bears that were big enough and showing up during daylight hours.

We left the 24th of May and made the arduous 26 hr drive to camp. We arrived mid afternoon on the 25th and got settled in for the week long hunt. After going through Reconyx Pictures we made a game plan for the following day. Mike recommended that Daltyn and I hunt a bait called the short bus bait because there were three bears that were showing up multiple times during the day and two of the three looked exceptional. Kris had been looking for a big colored bear for many years so when a giant chocolate phase appeared in the pictures we all agreed that he should be the one to go after it. Bryce Bachman and Brian Jasper both picked out giants boars to go after and plans were set for our first afternoon. It was 4:30 by the time Daltyn and I made the 1-1/2 hr 28 mile ATV ride to the short bus. With thunderstorms approaching, we decided to pop up a ground blind 15 yds from the bait to avoid getting equipment wet on the hunt.

Mike had just left and I was prepping my camera when the first bear walked in to the bait. It was obvious the young boar knew we were there and he kept close watch on us while he laid behind the bait. We decided to just watch this bear and wait for one of the two larger boars to show up. Half an hour after the young bear walked away another bear approached through the bush. The larger bear took one look at the ground blind and disappeared back into the bush. It was one of the two we were waiting for and we had to wonder if we were done for the night.

Three more long hours passed and we were beginning to lose camera light. Knowing that we had a 1-1/2 hr ride back to camp I told Daltyn that we should probably pack up so we didn't get pinned down after dark. As I began to snap the lens cap on the camera I glanced at the bait to see a large bear at 10 yds staring directly at the blind. As I flipped the camera back on the bear walked directly behind the bait and laid down giving Daltyn no ethical shot opportuniy. The minutes seemed to fly as camera light faded and the bear laid in the same position. Daltyn went into melt down as he tried to concentrate on the cross hairs for a possible shot opportunity. Fifteen long minutes later and the bear finally stood up and turned broadside behind the bait, exposing his vitals. Daltyn settled the scope on his T/C Pro Hunter and squeezed off the shot, smacking the bear through both lungs and he bolted down through the bush and all went quiet. We sat and listed for the death moan and heard nothing. We reloaded the gun and looked for blood, finding little and decided to wait until the next day to continue tracking. We made the long trek back to camp and found the rest of our group celebrating Kris' sucessful harvest of a giant 7' chocolate phase Black bear. He bow killed the bear of a lifetime from the ground and caught it all on camera by himself. The footage is unbelievable and and the big bear died on camera.

The next day we all made the long ride to the short bus and immediately recovered Daltyn's bear. He was as excited as I've ever seen him and proudly posed for pictures. One day into our hunt and we had two great bears on the ground. This is testiment to the great area and hard work that Mike Clemen and Kevin Weber with Lost Trail Black Bear Oufitters have put in for success for their hunters. Bryce and Brian followed things up with great bears of their own by the end of the week.

All in all we had an awesome hunt. Guide Nap even took us out and put us on some great walleyes and pike from Little Peter Pond. We had one of the most relaxing vacations ever spent some quality father son time and made some memories that will last forever. I want to send out a huge thank you to Mike, Kevin, and Nap with Lost Trail for such a great hunt and hope to make a return trip next year to go after a giant colored bear of my own.. Check them out at www.losttrailbearhunt.com and book your own adventure of a lifetime.