It's been a long twelve months since our last trip to western Wyoming with Tedd at Jenkins Hunting Camps and two full years since I carried my PSE after the majestic bugling bull elk that roam the high country. Bill and I have had this trip planned since the day he took his first bull last September. With work as hectic as it's been this year all I was going to be able to give it was three days in the field so we really had our work cut out for us.

Tuesday the 10th and Bill and I jumped in the truck at 5:00 PM to start the long 19 hr drive and pulled in to camp by mid afternoon on Wednesday. We were greeted by Larry and Shirley Jenkins as well as Jim Burnsworth of the hunting show Western Extreme and whom we would be sharing camp with throughout the week.

Wednesday the 11th started by 5:00 AM with a huge breakfast and rain in the forecast throughout the day. Larry Jenkins would be our guide for the day and we climbed up a ridge relatively close to camp, hoping to get some bulls to sound off and start things off right. By 11:00 we had climbed nearly two miles above the road when we heard our first bugle and then another. There were at least two bulls across a deep drainage at the same elevation as us. We decided to sit and listen while waiting for the thermals to begin climbing before we made our move from above.

After waiting nearly an hour the thermals began to climb so we made our way across the drainage and began calling. Immediately we got a response and set up on a small bench just in time to have a spike walk in to range. I felt the wind swirl and the young bull spun and trotted out of sight. Bill and I decided to inch ahead a few yards and another bull appeared to our left but he spotted us at the same time we saw him and bolted up the mountain. We thought we were done when another bull bugled a short distance ahead of us so we snuck ahead as far as we dared and called again. The bull came in to thirty yards (directly behind some brush) and bugled and raked a tree offering no shot. We decided to let him walk off and give him some time to settle down before once again moving in trying to fire him back up.

After eating lunch and taking a short nap we decided to start working our way down the mountain calling as we went. As Larry made a series of calls I heard the unmistakable chuckle of a bull down in a dark draw below us. We sat and called a couple more times when Bill spotted a bull sneaking in from our left. He was not making a sound but stopped and raked a small pine each time Larry let out a bugle. Bill started recording and I stood and inched ahead a few feet setting up behind a small tree and started ranging different shooting lanes. As the bull worked ahead I ranged a small opening at 46 yds and drew my PSE Vendetta. I cow called to stop him and touched off the release. The Nocturnal nock lit up like a tracer bullet and disappeared directly behind the bulls shoulder, passing completely through him and sticking in the ground. We watched as the bull staggered and fell a short sixty yards further and the celebration began. I had my first bull elk on the ground, and on the first day of our trip. What an exhilarating feeling and sense of accomplishment to have wanted this and worked so hard for the last four years filming and hunting to finally have taken my first elk with a bow. After celebrating it was time to get to work and skin and quarter my bull and get the horses to pack him off the mountain.

Bill and I would like to send out a huge thanks to Tedd, Larry, and Shirley Jenkins as well as Brian and Maurrie Erickson with Jenkins Hunting Camps for yet another incredible trip. We feel more at home with you guys than anywhere we've hunted and can't wait to get back out and do it again next year. Anyone out there looking for a top notch archery elk hunt look them up on their website www.jenkinshunt.com and get in contact with Tedd. It will be the hunt of your lifetime.