All I can say is what a way to start the deer season! Tom Ware and I had made plans to hunt together back in july and I was really looking forward to it. We kept in touch regularly about the hunt through trail pics and texts. Tom has a nice missouri farm that he had purchased a year ago and thats where we planned on hunting in mid Sept. for the bow opener.

The weather was not cooperating very much on Tom's farm. No rain was keeping the food plots from germinating and we decided to wait till later in the year to get together. Then we saw the cold front that was heading to the midwest and decided that we should goahead and meet up and give it a try.

Tom had a farmer plant some soybeans on the farm but they were planted late and in tall grass that kept them from maturing and kept them small but green! Basically it was the only food source for the deer in the hot weather. We hunted the first night where Tom had got alot of pictures of a big 8 pt he called "Boeing" . Boeing basically had two bedding areas on the farm do we the first night we hunted the stand that was closest to the north bedding area because we had north wind moving the the front. We didnt see any deer so we decided with the wind switching the next day we had better scout more of the beans that were left and find a tree to hang a set for a easterly wind.

After speed scouting and past Reconyx pics in the area we both picked the same tree to hang. We hung the set as quickly and quiteley as we could. The rest is history !!! We got in the stand that night and sat quietley waiting for the deer movement. The first deer to arrive was Boeing! We instantly went into action. He was angling away from us at 38 yds and I was afraid to let him keep going in fear of getting out of my shooting lanes. Once he paused I let the PSE Dream Season DNA and the Rage eat dinner.

Thanks to Tom for being so unselfish in sharing his land with me and becoming a good friend. I'm sure Tom and I will make many more memories in the future together for the Drury Team!!

Ben Rising