September 12: David Lindsey

Jeff and I planned to start our 2013 Dream Season Journey with an elk hunt in Colorado, so we booked our hunt with Rio Brazos Outfitters this spring.

When we finally got to camp, the weather forecast for the next 5 days was rain, rain and more rain. We had booked our hunt the same week that Colorado was having one of the worst floods in the state’s history. But the scenery of the Rocky Mountains was so beautiful we almost forgot about the rain.

Day one brought rain and a mishap. About two hours into my hunt when a branch got between my arrow and a bull. The following morning we hunted between the showers and had 3 good bulls within range but decided to hold off in hope of one bigger. The evening hunts were slow mostly because of the rain and cloud cover.

The morning of the third day had us chasing one bull for two hours and four miles only for him to decide at the last moment that he didn’t want any part of us. On that afternoon the sun started to peek through the clouds. We were setting in a meadow waiting for some bulls to head our way and Travis (our guide) looked up at me and said these bulls should be on their feet, let’s go. We took off around a mountain and hadn’t gone but a few hundred yards and we heard a bull. Up the mountain we went after him only to find out there were two bulls. The first bull came in but, he was too small and didn’t show himself well so after the next bull we went.

We set up on him several times but he would not come in, finally after we got within 75 yards of him Randy started breaking limbs and cow calling to hopefully draw him closer. After about 10 minutes he started coming straight to us. When he got within 25 yards Randy bugled off to the side and the bull turned broad side and then right across in front of us he came. With a soft cow call he stopped in his tracks.

The rest well we all know what a RAGE does to the lungs on contact, its like a big hole in a balloon and the air comes out fast. We heard the bull crash less than 80 yards away and boy was I excited. The rush you get when you walk upon an animal like that are unspeakable.

We really had a great time, some rough weather, even rougher terrain to hunt but man, was it fun. We made new friends, chased plenty of bulls and enjoyed the outdoors. I want to thank the Lord for watching over us on our Journey and for the time we have to chase our dreams.

“TEAM OZONICS’’ had its first animal on the ground for DREAM SEASON ‘’THE JOURNEY”