September 18: David Lindsey

We had planned to head to Georgia and hunt a few days when we finished our elk hunt in Colorado. We were more than ready to see some sunshine.

Our farm in Ga. had plenty of rain this spring and summer, and from the Reconyx pictures we had some dandy bucks for the south. Not to mention that we had row cropped our fields for the first time in years and man was it ever a great year to do it.

Jeff and I grabbed four Big Game stands and headed to a couple areas where we felt we could hang a couple sets and catch the deer in the mornings when they would be headed to their bedding areas.

As daylight approached the following morning, the sun started to rise into a beautiful cool fall morning, just one of those mornings you really love to be in the woods.

Around 7:30 Matthew and I saw movement out front and saw we had a nice buck coming our way. He came in to about 40 yards, stopped and looked around and then up at us and I thought man it’s over. But our Mossy Oak Camo blended us into the trees so well he didn’t have a clue we were there. After a few more steps that was all she wrote. The new Rage Extreme put a hole in him so big you could almost put your fist in.

He ran about 30 yards and fell over, I had just shot my best buck ever in the south with a bow.

I feel so blessed to have been in the right spot on this morning and able to harvest this mature buck. Jeff and I had picked out the perfect tree the day before and it all happened as planned.

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