October 21: Doug Hampton

All you can do is kill the biggest buck you have pictures of on the property you have to hunt... And thank the Lord that the biggest deer that I had pictures of finally made a mistake. He walked in front of my Reconyx camera just hours before I checked it. This slip up would be a fatal mistake!

At 8:30am, I looked up to see a 3 year old 8pt. feeding under a huge acorn tree. I sized him up real hard trying to add 1 year & 10 inches, but it just wasn't going to happen. So, as I was daydreaming about the only shooter that I had daylight pictures of this entire fall, I noticed movement behind the buck I was watching. It was him! After over 10 minutes of pre-roll & a seasons worth of torment, he finally got in an opening & stood still. The T.C. blew the smoke and the shockwave struck paydirt at 60 yards. I could tell by the way the scope popped me in the nose that I had made a good shot. I heard branches snapping as he ran, which is always a good sign.

I retreated to the camp to find a few members packing up & heading out. They were gracious enough to come help me with the recovery of my largest muzzleloader kill ever. He didn't make it far, & happiness was at the end of a short blood trail!

Thanks Terry Greene & Tommy Jones for all your help... And as always, thank you Lord for continuing to bless me and my family in the great outdoors.