Wonka is his name. Willy Wonka that is due to a distinct "W" shape on his rack as a 3 year old. I've been watching this buck for 3 years now and passed him last year. He is now a mature 5 year old and if he walked by this year I was gonna try and harvest this deer.

My best bud Mike Klemmensen "Klem" came up to Iowa for his annual trip and must have brought good luck. First evening hunt we went to a Biologic Clover Plus field that I had seen Wonka at just two days prior. The Reconyx camera had told me I need to be in this food plot as much as possible because Wonka was a regular here during daylight!

Sun was still high in the sky when a few little bucks appear and then some does. A little chasing was great to watch to let us know the rut is approaching. Then, back in the cedars the little bucks stare...I said to Klem, "I bet Wonka is back there!"

I lifted my Nikons to see a tremendous set of antlers doing a rub a few yards within the cedar thicket. My heart immediately started to pump like a steam engine! I knew if he came out right there he would have to go right in front of our box blind.

That's exactly what happened. He came out and to see his rack up close in real life blew us away. He was much larger than we had thought! Klems leg started shaking and my heart was now pumping so hard I asked Klem if he could hear it.

Wonka walked in front of us at 18 yards and I released my PSE EVO and it sent that Rage Extreme through that bucks vitals instantly. IT WAS OVER...I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT.

I had just shot the largest typical of my life! I was extremely excited to say the least!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy managing deer and land and then accomplishing a goal because of that management. It feels really good!

Thanks Klem for bringing good luck and laying in all down on film! A memory made forever!