November 2: John & Jacob O'Dell

God Bless Texas

Every year Jacob and I look forward to our father and son hunting trip to South Texas. Two years ago Jacob took his first buck ever with his PSE and we made a pact to hunt in South Texas every year until one of us can’t go anymore. So this year Jacob’s 6th grade Boerne Charger football team made the playoffs and we decided to head to the ranch right after his game. Well after a big 34-0 Charger win we were finally on our way.

After a VERY short night of sleep we found ourselves in a ground blind where our guide had seen a big fully mature 7.5 year old 10 pointer on a regular basis. He had been watching him for years and has some great photos to show his progression. We had invited good friend Nick Anderson (Ranch Manager for Brushy Hill Ranch) along on our hunt for his filming debut. Jacob was also going to be filming for the first time which made this hunt even more special for me. Jacob has always been my good luck charm and this hunt was not going to be any different.

After sitting in the blind for what seemed like just a few minutes, we had deer began to filter past our location. Then all of a sudden Jacob says, “dad here comes the big one”! The big one indeed, as this big buck materialized in the early morning light, his massive 10 point rack looked huge. After several long minutes that seemed more like hours he finally presented me with a broadside shot. I ranged him carefully with my Nikon Prostaff 7 rangefinder and hooked my Trufire release on the string loop. I drew back and took careful aim with my PSE DNA and then just as I was putting pressure on the release, a smaller buck came in the way. Then the big 10 jumped and they locked horns for a brief second and moved out of my lane. Holly adrenaline rush! I said something like you have got to be kidding me and it took me a few minutes to recompose myself. Then fortunately for me the big buck came back into my shooting lane and offered me a perfect broadside shot. I took the 20 yard shot and this time the PSE Dream Season DNA and RAGE Hypodermic broadhead did their work quick and he did not go 20 yards! It was all high fives and handshakes in the blind at that moment. Wow what a hunt. Hunts never go like that for me! To be there with my son and harvest my best Texas archery buck to date on my first morning. I thought it can’t get any better than this! Boy was I wrong!

A few minutes later some javelina showed up on the scene. I told Jacob and Nick that if they entered my shooting lane, it would be a bad day for them and some more Bow Madness for me! Well unfortunately for one of the bigger javelina in the group, he eventually entered my shooting lane and my PSE and Rage combination once again made quick work of the collared peccary and he went down on film not 12 yards from the blind.

We made a super quick recovery of both animals and while were shooting hero’s with our cameras Jacob spotted some more javelina down the road, so the hunt was on! We quickly grabbed Jacob’s PSE Smoke crossbow and began to work into position. I used my Nikon Prostaff binoculars to get us into position and then ranged Jacob’s quarry at 32 yards. I gave him the green light and he put the Crossbow Rage in the pig cage! After another short recovery and hero shots, it was time for lunch.

I think Jacob enjoys the South Texas BBQ as much as he does hunting the big bucks, so after a great meal with good friends we were back after it. We were headed to my favorite place in all of South Texas as it is the exact blind/location where Jacob shot his first buck ever with his PSE back in October 2011. We were actually going after a 7.5 year old buck that I filmed as a 9pt when he was 5.5 years old, the same day Jacob shot his big 8pt. Once again it did not take long and deer started working in and out of our view in front of the blind. Several hours passed with no sign of the deer we were after and then all of a sudden a big mature 8pt showed up on the scene chasing a doe and running off some of the younger bucks. This buck was also on the hit list and his rack was super impressive as he was wide with great main beam length. He worked in and out but with no shots for Jacob. Then just to make things more intense the buck we were after initially showed up, so it was decision time for Jacob. All of a sudden some javelina came running in and scared off our bucks. I could not believe it. I told Jacob to stay patient and he might still get a shot. Luckily for him right after I said that, the big 8pt came back out right in Jacob’s shooting lane at about 25 yards. I gave him the green light and once again he made a lethal shot with his PSE Smoke Crossbow and Nikon BoltXr scope. We knew the buck would not go far and after a short tracking job, Jacob had his big South Texas 8pt.

What an amazing experience for Jacob and I to take two big mature bucks on the same day with our PSE’s along with a couple of javelina! It was also SUPER cool for Jacob to take his biggest buck to date (one inch bigger!) and to do it out of the same blind that he shot his first buck ever! A big thank you goes out to our good friend Nick for helping us film and to our guide Westin for making this hunt so incredible! All I can say is that it was some serious Bow Madness and we already can’t wait to do it again next year!

Good hunting!
John and Jacob