November 1: Derek Glesinger

When preparation meets opportunity on November 2. Derek has been shooting more and more to reassure himself and I, that he could shoot past 100 yards if the opportunity was to present itself. It's nice to see when a young man puts a lot time into something and it actually pays off...

Derek put eyes on this buck at 225 yards walking through the timber. The Buck kept going back and forth in the timber for 10-15 minutes, we assumed checking for does. Knowing we had several does out in our Biologic Food plot, I thought our chances were good. Several minutes pasted as he chased a few does to another timber on a bordering farm. Finally all the ladies on our food plot finally got to him, he jumped the fence and now he was about to be in play. The buck was now at 165 yards, I felt Derek's range needed to be inside of 125. So we patiently waited for him to close the distance. After several minutes of eating his way through the Biologic Last Bite he got within range and I gave Derek the green light... The hammer was dropped on Derek's Thompson Center with a clean shot to the vitals. The buck went down and the high five's started to fly. We finished our celebrations in a 10 year olds fashion... Ice Cream!
A big "thank you" goes out to Wad Robinson for helping Derek and I that evening!

It's not the size of the deer, but the size of the memory, and this one was huge.

Greg and Derek
Good Luck Hunting!