To make a long story shorter! Killing a giant deer on public land that anyone can hunt has always been on my list of things to do. More of a personal challenge and some proof to all the negative people that always are complaining that us t.v. People cant kill deer in what they call normal conditions!

I drew a tag for iowa and headed for public land. I stayed with my good friend Jake while hunting there. Jake gave me some tips on areas that usually hold deer and upon my arrival i scouted some of those places and others as well. After 3 days of decent hunting I started to get a feel of how the deer moved and used public land. I think I saw more asian squirrel hunters than deer but i was seeing deer.

I finaly made some minor adjustments on the 3rd afternoon and felt good about my 4th day of hunting. Luckily the weather was good and the rut was kicking in. I seen alot of bucks and 1:45 i finaly was able to get a shot on this giant 8pt. I made a great shot and he fell on film within 40yds! Rage hypodermic!

My camera guy Kenny Bevans was not able to be along because of a serious lung infection but i was able to capture it all on film myself. I feel truly blessed to be a bowhunter and have some good friends like my buddy jake! And a very understanding family. God is good!

Kenny has since recovered and we hope to kill atleast two more bucks this year for the team! Hunt safe.