November 8: Greg Glesinger

Test plot pans out!

I was in need of a west wind hunting location and after reviewing the farm over and over, decided to give this new spot a go and planted some Biologic. The first couple of years we hunted it very little, but relied on Reconyx cameras to tell us the real story. Every year the Reconyx pictures got better and better. This spring we altered the plot a little to maximizes our opportunity with a bow. We also removed the pop up blind and placed a permanent ground blind in late summer. We had high hopes of a mature deer harvest going into this fall, with the Reconyx pictures and plot improvements. The first west wind we had, we dove in and it delivered with some unreal deer activity. We had a shooter show up that afternoon, but I couldn't pull off a shot. A west wind came in again, 48 hours later.

This time we took a Boss Buck in to bring the bucks a little closer. We were all set up by a little after 6:00am and by 6:35am we had our first buck working the Boss Buck. He was a 3.5 year old that kept circling the Boss Buck to the point we thought he was going to slam into it. Moments later the younger buck froze and looked to the south, causing us to check that direction, and to our surprise a mature 5.5 year old buck had slipped right in under us. Now we have two bucks working our decoy and each other, talk about intense! All of this is right in front of us at 15-20 yards and we are on the ground with them. The 5.5 year old gave us a broadside shot and I let the PSE and Rage do what they are engineered to do... The buck ran 60 yards and piled up. A big thank you goes out to Arik Duhr for being there and laying down some great footage!

Hunt hard, but safe! Good luck this Fall!
Greg G.