Bric arrived at 2am and we were planning on the next 5 days of big bucks roaming the woods. We both had an Iowa bow tag burning a hole in our pockets.

I was gonna film Bric shoot one of several giants on my farm and he was gonna film me on only one giant that I had been hunting for the last 2 weeks if he came by. We had two bows in the tree and 1 camera.

I had the camera in hand filming a 3 year old push around a doe only an hour into our adventure. Then I caught movement to my left. I told Bric "Big Deer"! He grabbed his bow and I grabbed my Nikons.

"Oh No!" It was Staubach. The 6 by 6 I had been chasing nearly daily for 2 weeks! I first got Reconyx pics of him Oct 25th. Bric said "Hand me the camera!" I looked at Staubach and he was locked on the doe. The 3 yr old buck was staring at us but thanks to Mossy Oak we remained hidden. He couldn't tell what we were. Just picked up a little movement.

I handed Bric the camera and grabbed my bow as slowly as possible. The deer were all at 30 yards. Luckily the Hot Doe had the big bucks attention. I didn't even have an arrow knocked. I didn't expect the only deer I was hunting to show his face first!!! I grabbed a Rage tipped arrow from my quiver and got ready. My range finder showed 30 yards and I knew he had to walk a couple yards for me to get a shot. Bric said he was "On him" and when he cleared, I stopped him at 32 yds. The PSE EVO 7 released a perfect shot and he took off like a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby. I was overwhelmed!!!!

I can't thank Bric Steward enough for filming this hunt. Since yesterday we've had 2 more booners within 40 yards without a shot. We are having the time of our lives!!!

I hope Bric gets it done!! Stay tuned.