November 12: Terry Drury

Up until November 13, 2013 it had been a rough go being skunked in Illinois a number of times and not seeing mature bucks in Missouri. Terry had a couple of opportunities in Missouri earlier in the year but due to a number of mishaps, windows in blinds sticking and losing light, he was unable to get a shot opportunity on a mature whitetail.

Terry then thought he would try his luck in Illinois which turned out to be even less productive seeing only 9 deer in 6 sits and being completely skunked 3 times. After 5 days in Illinois it was time to head back to Missouri hoping that the massive cold front would get the deer on their feet.

The first day back in Missouri showed promising signs of buck movement with the cooler temperatures. On November 12 Terry made the rounds checking his Reconyx cameras to see if any new mature bucks had moved in the area. Looking through the Reconxy pictures he was able to get a pattern on a mature buck moving in the mornings from the Biologic food plots back to bed in the morning. Having the knowledge of the buckʼs pattern from the Reconyx and knowing that during this phase of the season bucks will be in need of water after a night of chasing and feeding Terry decided to sit a pond in the timber near where the bucks picture was taken.

The next morning with temperatures in the single digits Terry slipped into his spot with high hopes of laying eyes on this buck. At 8:20 am he spotted a nice looking young buck making his way towards the pond following a doe, after watching this buck for a few minutes, right on schedule, target buck “Floppy” appeared posturing towards the young buck. This buck had Terry in a tough spot having to turn his back to the buck until he had the opportunity to turn 180 degrees to get a shot opportunity. Floppy made his way to the pond and got a drink before moving on to a scrape presenting a quartering away shot. With Floppy at 32 yards Terry drew back his PSE EVO delivering a perfect double lung shot. After 58 days of hunting it was an amazing feeling for Terry to finally be able to capitalize on a mature 4-&-1/2 year old buck. Thanks to the Reconyx pictures and knowing this was a perfect time to sit a secluded pond Terry was able to bring down his target buck.