November 14: Bric Steward

Without a doubt the craziest two days I’ve ever spent in the timber! This hunt started a couple years back when Tom Ware invited me to hunt with him in Iowa. But, with just a couple of preference points in the bag it would be a few years before I could draw for his unit. After 5 long years my dream of being able to hunt Iowa whitetails was coming true, I drew my tag. Tom was gracious enough to again invite me up.

After talking with Tom and coordinating our schedules we settled on some dates that the rut calendar said would be best. Tom said the dates of Nov 13-19 would be on fire at his farm, and if you have ever followed the journal and seen the giants Tom lays down you wouldn’t question him. He sent me Reconyx pictures of monsters all summer long. A list of shooters so long I couldn’t even keep up with the names. They were all on my kill list except for just one buck named Staubach. I was ok with that because there was about 12 more shooters free game for me!! And to make it even better I was lucky enough to be able to watch Tom harvest this giant the 1st hour in the tree on my trip!(See previous journal entry for Nov 13th)

The morning of the 2nd hunt we were watching a great structure spot where two blocks of timber are connected by a brushy fence row. Wow, was the rut on! We saw buck after buck and knew it was a matter of time before a shooter would cruise by. At 9:30 we had a doe slip up on us to our back. Tom alerted me and we got ready hoping a buck was pushing her, and there was! I saw the buck and instantly thought of a buck tom told me about using this area named “Goose.” This is one of the bucks Tom brought me in to kill and is one that he has so many Reconyx pics of. “Goose” was locked on the doe and bedded down with the doe at just 46 yard. After 5 hours of waiting the doe stood up to stretch and move. She walked in our only 4ft lane through the brush. We knew he would pop out at any time. I made a horrible shot, high and back. Our only hope was to hit the aortic artery.

After a long nights wait, we drove in 19 hours later to try to recover the giant. Luck and the good lord was on our side! We spotted “Goose” on the edge of the field, just out of sight were we last saw him. He is an absolute giant! My first gross Boone! I can’t thank Tom enough for letting come witness this slice of paradise! Thanks Tom, you made a dream come true!

Without a doubt this is the best year of my hunting career. I have been able to witness 3 gross Booners fall for DOD this year! Feeling Blessed!
Hunt Safe,