The story of "RIP" started back in the fall of 2011 when he started showing up on our Reconyx cameras as a two year old seven point. We had several pictures of him that fall. During the summer of 2012 "RIP" was all over our cameras as a three year old seven point. I was not sure if RIP would ever make more than a seven point, but I was willing to give him a try. He earned his named in January of 2013 when he came in on me one morning and bedded down 20 yards from me. He literally slept on and off for 3 hours at 20 yards, so we started calling him "Rip Van Winkle".

During this past summer, RIP was back on camera and he had blew into a full frame 8 point. He was a beauty of a 4 year old Alabama 8 point. He immediately jumped to one of the main targets on the hit list. We had four shooters on the farm and he was one of the main two we wanted. Of course, Junior was back at number 1. Anybody who has followed us the last couple years, know who Junior is. Junior is now 7.5 years old and still our main target.

I spent the last three weeks in Illinois, grinding it out trying to get a good buck down. Despite my efforts, I came up short. Illinois has been crazy. If you notice, there hasn't been many if any at all deer killed by our Drury team in the state of Illinois this year. After three weeks of getting our butts kicked in IL, we made the trip back home on the 16th. On the morning of the 18th, I decided to go over to our farm in Alabama and give it a try. Same tree we have killed almost all our Alabama deer in. We had a weather system move out over night,  winds switched to the North and the deer were on their feet. As the morning progressed, we seen over 11 bucks all cruising and checking scrapes. At around 7:30 A.M, RIP came charging out of the thicket after three does that were in front of us. I was fortunate to make a good shot at 28 yards. RIP only ran about 50 yards and was down for the count.

RIP was my best Alabama buck to date gross scoring at 137 1/8. God really blessed us with a beautiful fall morning in the South. The kind of morning you dream about all year during the off season. Good luck the season is still young! Stay tuned to see if we can ever get the legend "JUNIOR" down.