November 22: Elle Ware

I can't explain how proud a papa can be on paper! You would have to feel it in my heart and that is just something you have to feel for yourself. My 10 year old shot a monster in Iowa last year and I thought that might be her only big buck of her life? She was lucky to get that buck down because she hesitated and doubted herself on the shot and was SO NERVOUS....!!!

Well lets just say she has learned from her mistakes! We got in the box blind at 3:03 this afternoon. I was still texting pictures of my good fortune buck from this morning to friends and family. I got a text from a friend hunting in the same county that he had just seen a big buck go back into the timber he was hunting. I thought wow, kind of early...so I started looking around. Sure enough there was a little button buck that just walked into the food plot. He was jumpy and looking behind him and all of a sudden a MONSTER walks out. ITS ONLY 3:18PM!!! We had only been in for 15 minutes and hardly had time to get things ready. I instantly turned the camera on and told Elle to grab her gun. She did and I said there's a monster in the Biologic! We had been hunting with all the windows up in the box blind and the Ozonics on inside. It was totally the wrong wind for this setup but we knew this buck was in here because we saw him last night with a doe while I was filming by buddy bow hunt. I thought we should "chance" it and I'm sure glad we did. I opened the window to the blind and Elle rested the gun on the windowsill. He was about to get out of the food plot and head into the timber when he paused and looked right at us. BOOOOOOM! Elle didn't give him a second chance. I didn't have to convince her this time that she could do it! She knew she could and the buck instantly went down! Awesome Job Elle Ware!!

I couldn't believe that in less than 7 hours we had more than 300 inches of antler on the ground. We had been in the dumps thinking there weren't very many shooters on their feet and moving. It just shows you that if you keep at it... eventually good things happen!!! We are truly blessed to have the land we have and hunt the deer we do. We hope everybody is as lucky as we were today! One of the best deer hunting days of our lives!

Elle and Tom Ware