November 23: Greg Glesinger

I have to give credit to my Brother-in-Law, John Farrington and Father-In-Law, Terry Farrington who introduced me to this maddening sport we call Whitetail Hunting. Making my annual trip up to Minnesota every year became something I looked forward to. Between work and my growing family it became more difficult to make the trip. So I decided to purchase my own dirt. Cutting my teeth on flood plots and following QDA to the "T". I learned what it really took to grow mature deer.

I found a place that was close to home and is surrounded with like minded enthusiasts that share my same passions for whitetails. To say I'm lucky is a understatement. In 2011, I hunted this farm just to watch for deer traffic and movement from the early season thru the late season. It was perfectly clear we need food and a lot of it. Everything else was there; bedding, water and cover. In 2012, we had a very dry year and I got introduced to a new acronym, EHD! The food became even more import, due to the herd getting weak going into the winter months. Late season 2012, everything started to show that I made the right decision... We had a hard winter and because of all the food we had several bonus bucks showing up and wintering on our farm. That year we observed several deer in that 3.5 year old range, hoping they would start to call this place home. I had high hopes for the farm going into the 2013.

Saturday of gun opener came and went, mother nature kicked our butts. We had temperatures in the single digits and winds gusting in the mid 20's. The deer movement was zero to none. On my way out of the stand, I pulled the cards out of the Reconyx camera's and upon viewing them, "BAM" there was Mr. 12. I called a trusted neighbor to see if he knew of this deer. He had not heard of such a deer or had not gotten any trail pictures of him. That told me one thing, he's not moving much and its only a matter of time before he shows up again. We headed back in on Sunday afternoon only wishing to catch a glimpse of him. At 4:15pm or so Derek stated "Dad its him, Mr. 12"... I thought Derek was pulling my leg, he's always good for one joke per sit. By the look of his eyes I knew he wasn't kidding! I leaned forward since it was on his side of the blind and sure enough there stood Mr. 12! I won't have guessed my 15 year quest for my first Wisconsin buck was about to end!

The circus in the blind started... We had everything setup for my half of the blind, thinking that would be where all the deer would come from and up to that point they had. Derek and I had to move everything around and get resituated so I could pull off a shoot. Between a 10 year boy and I seeing our biggest deer to date you can only image the amount of intensity in the blind. Derek keep watching to make sure he was not leaving the field. I got in position with my Thompson Center, put the Nikon scope on his vitals and let the TC harvest my biggest buck to date!

A "BIG" thank you goes out to my son Derek for laying down some great footage, and more importantly, sharing in a moment we both will never forget!

Hunt Hard, Hunt Safe and Good Luck!
Greg G.