This fall has been about one thing for us, patience. I’ve always heard the phrase “patience pays off.” That statement couldn’t be more true than what we’ve went through this season. We started our season off in Alaska on a moose hunting adventure. We hunted our tails off until the last hour of the last day of the trip and finally connected on a big Alaskan Bull Moose. Our anticipation was high coming back from Alaska that it was finally time to deer hunt, and we couldn’t wait to get into a stand.

We started deer hunting in late October this year, way later than normal. With me working so much and my dad building a new house, we just couldn’t find the time to get out. Late October was slow for us, but we were excited for what the November, and the rut would bring for us. Turn the page to November, that month we all patiently wait all year for was finally here, finally time to really start grinding it out and hunt hard. That’s exactly what we’ve done for twenty-five days.

This November was without a doubt the worst November and the worst rut that either one of us could ever remember. We are fortunate to have a couple good farms that have a pretty good amount of deer on them, but as the season kept rolling on, you question yourself if the deer were even there. Did we lose some deer to EHD? Did they just move to the neighboring farm? Deer sightings in general were way down for us this year, and the buck movement was just as bad. Here we are trying to produce for Bow Madness, and neither one of us had a chance at a good buck all bow season.

I was bowhunting during gun season on my rifle tag because I wasn't worried about gun killing one until muzzleloader season. Once again, trying to be as patient as i can and keep grinding every day through gun season, but still, no sightings of a good buck. WIth one day left to hunt in November, and the winds turning south, I knew just the spot I wanted to go to. Only thing is, it wasn’t a spot we has a stand. So i decided to take my rifle that morning and hunt old school. I was just going to sit next to a tree on a ridge over looking where three ridges all converge into a creek bottom. An awesome spot that i found during shed hunting season, but we had pretty much treated it like a sanctuary all year and stayed out.

We got set up really early and watched the light start to pop through the trees. It wasn’t long before a couple deer started moving around below us, and I was anxious to see what would come through. Just before 8 am, i looked up and seen a rack floating up out of the creek ditch. I told dad, “There’s a good buck, right there!” The buck was only sixty-five yards and just cruising along. Finally after going back and forth trying to make sure we were both ready, I grunted and the buck stopped and gave me a great shot and I was able to finally get a good buck on the ground.

This season will still go down as one of the toughest seasons I’ve ever experienced. Every time we hunted, I tried to be as optimistic and patient as I could, but it was wearing on me. Things aren’t always going to go like you want them, you’re hunting a wild animal. They’re going to win more times than you. This season just shows though, if you keep at it, stay positive and just keep hunting, that eventually it can pay off.
Good luck to everyone in the late season. My favorite time to hunt is approaching as fast as November is slipping away from us.

Hunt Smart, Hunt Safe,