December 6: Alisha Coon

I was very excited for my fourth hunting trip to Illinois! My dad had put out a Reconyx camera right by my blind and we are able to get some great photos. We didn’t get as many pictures as we usually do this year, so seeing some movement right before my trip was awesome. The weather forecast was an entirely different story. I knew it was going to be COLD and those early morning hunts were going to be tough. With my dad’s busy schedule, I only get so much time to hunt each year. The pressure is always on when it’s my turn to go.

The first morning was definitely slow with not much happening. But the evening was much better. I was hunting over a freshly cut corn field, so the deer were ready to eat! Far off at the edge of the field I saw a deer that I have named Bullwinkle. He was BIG, but decided he wasn’t ready to step out and really show himself just yet. There was also a nice 2 ½ year old that came out, but we decided to pass and let him mature. Even though I didn’t see a shooter, having the opportunity to see so many deer definitely helped me stay positive. The next morning was slow again with just one little spike. I always ask dad why we keep getting up to see nothing, but he insists that you just never know.

On my second evening the deer started moving early. I had a good feeling as more and more deer came out. At the back corner of the field, I saw a great buck coming out of the woods and he was moving! I got my Thompson Center Dream Season Muzzle Loader up right away and was able to get a perfect shot.

When the smoke cleared, I saw that he had run towards the woods, but that wasn’t an issue. The Thompson Center Shock Wave bullet did its job and we had a great blood trail. It didn’t take long to find my buck and I was so thrilled!! What was even better is that we have a Reconyx photo of him in velvet. Hunting with my dad is always a great experience and I’m thankful I get to spend time with both of my parents. I also have a great buck that I will definitely be checking those cameras for next year. I’m coming for you Bullwinkle!! A big THANK YOU to Joe for letting me hunt his farm and harvest another great deer. Go Team Mad!!