Wow what a crazy season this has turned out to be not only in Kentucky but all across the Mid West, it seems like everyone is having a rough time hunting this year.

This season started off very slow for me this year not only trying to find time to get in the woods from such a busy life Melissa and I have with the pro shop and indoor range to the BBQ restaurant opening but I still managed to run cameras like crazy with hopes of finding a shooter to hunt early season well guess who couldn’t get a picture of anything close to being a shooter that’s right this guy here no shooters and couldn’t figure out where any of them went so I continued to run cameras and finally Big Hoss and Slammer showed up in early November so hunted the rut hard with no sightings of either of them but continued to get pictures but it was always dark, I knew with the late season coming and by all the work I did putting in Biologic food plots they would be on the food source so as soon as the bitter cold hit both Big Hoss and Slammer started showing up in the food plots during day light hours, I knew it was time to use the ground blind that had been set up on this plot since last season.

On December 11th Lonnie my camera man and I decided to go to the blind with a strong cold west wind and with extremely high anticipation that Big Hoss or Slammer would show up.

About 5:00 deer started pouring into the food plot and then 30 minutes later I see a good buck step out at the other end of the field and once I put the binos on him I knew it was Big Hoss then he started up the field towards us, he checked a couple of the does by this time he was closing the distance and now was about 23 yards and I came to full draw and he turned facing us and I held and held that seemed like 5 minutes so finally I had to lean over out of the window and let down, now everything starts running through your mind like a freight train here I have a buck in front of me that I have hunted all season and can’t even shoot him and now my heart is trying to jump out of my body then one of the does started getting nervous and kind of jolted off and Big Hoss turned broad side and I came to full draw again got the pin settled on him and two smaller deer walked between me and him so when they got out of the way I let it fly and the Rage hit him and as he ran off I could see the arrow sticking out of both sides and it was an AWESOME feeling to know that it was my time to harvest a magnificent buck that God put here for us hunters to pursue.

Louie Payne