The 2013 season has been a overall good season for me. Having killed two big bucks out of state and now here in Ohio, I'd say im blessed. Last year here in my home state I ate a tag trying to kill a giant deer I called Misery. I figured Misery would score around 215". He would of been my biggest deer by far.

I had Misery within 50 yds 3 times last year but I just could never get a good shot at him with my bow. I only had abot 80ac to hunt him on last year so my options were limited. Then this year I lost all of the 80 acres and was only able to get permission on a 20 acre chunk, I knew Misery didnt go through the 20ac alot and my chances were slim. I did get some pics of him but all night time. I was in Iowa when he was cruising for girls. Last year I passed numerous great deer holding out for him and burned a tag. I decided that I would not do that this year since I didnt have the land to kill him on. After hunting about ten times for Misery I gave up.

I decided it was time to just have fun and kill a good deer. I knew of several nice deer but I wanted to make sure I killed a fully mature buck not just a high scoring deer that was young. I named this big ten point Jitters cause I took my son in on him one day and was going to let him harvest him. It was a cold nasty day and Jitters showed himself for 25 minutes on the hillside before giving my son a shot. Well he had the Jitters and missed!!! Hence the name Jitters...

I knew Jitters was fully mature and a great deer. I truly wanted him to live another year but I just couldnt find any other bigger deer to hunt. I finally decided I needed to fill my tag and be done in ohio and move on with life. Lol... I waited for the right weather and wind and that day was dec 19th. I went in at 2:00 that afternoon and by 5:05 had made a super shot with my DNA on a great buck named Jitters.

He only went 75 yds and gave his life up to be a star. These deer truly amaze me and deserve our utmost respect. I truly thank god everyday that I hunt and spend time in his glorious creation of the outdoors. What these animals go through every year to survive and thrive is nothing more than miraculos .. God bless the whitetail!!!!! and those who pursue them. By the way Misery was killed this year on the first day of gun season. He scored 206" and was 7.5 years old. Amazing animal ! Thank you ! Ben