December 19: Jessica Ware

A proud dad I am! My season is now complete! Both my oldest 2 daughters harvested nice bucks this year. My 13 year old hasn't harvest a buck in 2 years and we knew her Iowa gun tag was going to be her best shot. Best shot it was as she pulled the trigger of the TC Contender at 115 yards and put this buck down in his tracks.

It was her first night in stand and we decided to go to a box blind that we haven't hunted much at all this year since early October. This time of year PRESSURE is everything! We needed to go where there wasn't ANY and hope for the best. Thats what we did...and with 15 minutes of shooting light left this 5 year old buck appeared. He fed for 10 minutes with no shot angle facing away for us until he finally turned broadside. I told my daughter the video quality at this time wasn't very good and she said "I don't really care dad....I'm so nervous I just want to shoot him!" That tells me she's got the FEVER! I loved it. She steadied and took the shot and he went down right there!

WE DID A BEAR HUG IN THE BOX BLIND AND THAT IS WHAT I WILL REMEMBER FOREVER!!! She was so excited. I didn't know exactly what buck it was when he came in so I was excited when we walked up to see what he was. It was a buck we named "COOL" last year as a 4 year old. Funny thing is we didn't have 1 Reconyx picture of him all this year! He must be like my wife and doesn't like his picture taken. He hadn't grown much at all this year as a 5 year old so he was a great one to harvest.

We celebrated last night and today spent some time doing some last minute Christmas shopping together. I really don't like shopping but when I'm with my daughter I kind of like it! I figured I would spend some money on others since Santa already gave me my Christmas presents this year with my 2 daughters big bucks.


Merry Christmas to all!

Tom Ware