With the 2013-2014 season being a rough fall for Team Mad it was finally time to head south to Tara Wildlife in Vicksburg, Mississippi ! Knowing what a great place it is to hunt with all the P & Y bucks they have and the wonderful accommodation they provide I was hoping that Bobby Culbertson and the gang could put us on a few deer and could help salvage my season!

When we arrived Bobby and Don started telling us about a great spot they wanted us to set when the wind got right. It was a pinch point that the deer were traveling from bed to a nice green wheat field. Sunday evening rolled around and the wind was perfect for the pinch point stand. As we settled in for the hunt we were looking at the area and said " Great Spot " ! the evening started off a little slow with a few button bucks and a small racked buck walking through but they all walked right down the pike! We said boy if a nice buck does what these deer have done it will be a great kill! After setting there for a while a beautiful red cardinal flew in and landed in a tree! It was the first one I had seen all season!

After we talked about Evan for a while I caught a glimpse of something walking in a thicket to our left. There was a small canal there so we listened and never heard the deer swim across so we knew it would walk just like the rest of the deer did if came our way. Sure enough he popped out of the thicket and was coming our way! I pulled up my Nikon's and looked him over as he was walking . He met 3 of the 5 criteria that is required at Tara in order to take him.

As he walked across the road into the timber I was picking my spot for the shot. He slowly made his way to us and as he made it to the spot that I had chosen I let the Rage fly! With the arrow finding it's mark the buck bucked and ran about 60 yards back into the thicket and we heard him crash! It was a cool sight watching the Nocturnal lite up as he ran off ! We could still see it shining in the timber from the stand after we heard him crash!

We waited until Bobby came to pick us up to look for him as he had asked us to do if we shot one. As we walked toward were we had her the crash there he laid ! I nice 8 point program buck!

He was long over due! It has been a long season this fall. Last year I had a good season and this year just the opposite ! I was tickled to death that I finally had one down and Team Mad was on the board!

If you are looking for a place to hunt that you will see a lot of deer and a ton of P & Y deer give the folks down at Tara Wildlife a call I promise you will not be disappointed in anything that they to offer there!!