December 25: Jacob O'Dell

Well Jacob and I have been hunting hard since we were both lucky enough to take big mature South Texas bucks on the same day back in the first weekend of November. We have had a few close calls with his PSE but could not close the deal on another mature South Texas buck. Jacob did harvest a 3.5 year old 6pt that was on the hit list (a cull buck on the ranch that we had been hunting) with his TC. We rattled him in and Jacob shot him while he was making a scrape. It was a really cool hunt. Then he also almost shot a nice 8pt management buck with his TC that came into the rattling horns and the Flambeau Boss Buck, but his shell did not fire when he pulled the trigger. After that bad luck we had a big mature 10 point in easy bow range but we just could not get a good angle to shoot and then a bunch of hogs came running in and spooked off all of the deer! If it was not for bad luck we would not have had any luck at all!

Then finally on Thursday December 26th everything came together. I cleared a lane through the brush out of the side of our Dream Season Big Game Redemption blind that I had set up several weeks prior, where he could shoot with his TC Contender 6.8mm REM. This time it did not take long and a beautiful 5.5 year old 13 pointer (nicknamed bubbles because of a huge abscess on his side that looked like a big bubble) showed up on the scene about an hour after we got in the Big Game Redemption blind. Jacob saw movement and immediately threw up his Nikon binoculars to see the big 13pt. He said dad “Big Buck” with lots of excitement. Bubbles walked right in just like he had read the script and Jacob made a great shot with TC Contender when the big boy turned broadside at 65 yards. It was a short tracking job and then it was all high fives and handshakes!

We have had so much fun hunting together this year! Jacob shot his first ever black bear with his PSE back in May and he has taken two awesome mature bucks here in South Texas in November and December. One with his PSE and one with his TC. He is becoming quite the hunter and I could not be more proud of him! I can’t wait for our next adventure together!

Good Hunting and Happy New Year!