December 27: Tyler Finchum

After a long tough season this hunt was worth it all ! A good friend of Pam's and mine Mr. Jerry Samples gave us an invitation to bring Tyler down to hunt his farm and try to get him on his first deer ever. Jerry had a cut corn field that he had been seeing a lot of deer in so we waited on the right wind for the spot and when we got it we knew we where going to that spot ! Tyler was so excited to get to hunt this spot ! We got settled in the blind for the hunt but it was a slow evening. The deer did not start to move until 5:00. The first deer we saw was a spike and as he was feeding toward us the light was fading fast, then I caught movement to the right of us and here came a 4 pointer in. Tyler glassed the deer as I filmed and he decided to pass on them and wait on something a little bigger. I told him that was fine and that we would come back the next day and hunt as well.

The second evening we went back to the blind it was opposite than the day before. It was a cloudy overcast day with little wind blowing at all. The first deer we seen was a racked buck but he stood at the edge of the thicket and just observed the field then turned and went back into the thicket. About an hour later we had a spike come into the cut corn field and began to feed. He feed through the field and disappeared for a while. About 15 minutes later he came back into the field this time from the opposite side. As he was feeding he looked up cupped his ears and was staring at something to our right. As I looked out of the side window I saw a deer coming in from the field behind us. When I finally saw antlers I told Tyler buck coming in get ready !

As he got into position I got behind him and started filming the buck as he came in. He asked if it was time to cock his Thompson Center Omega and I said yes ! I heard the click of the hammer then I knew he was ready! I told him to wait as I filmed the buck some more. I then asked Tyler are you on his shoulder and he replied yes ! I told him I would make the buck raise his head and when he did so to shoot ! I then made the buck raise his head and the fire and the smoke rolled from his Omega ! As the smoke cleared the buck was gone ! I heard the Shockwave bullet smack the buck so I knew he had hit him !

As Tyler got calmed down I told him that I would go look for his buck. I got out of the blind and did not walk 40 yards and I saw a white belly shining ! I then went back to the blind and told him, your buck is down ! The smile that came across his face was priceless ! I was so proud of Tyler ! He had done everything right and at the right time. It brought back so many memories of hunting with Evan and I remembered his first deer like it was yesterday.

I miss Evan dearly but I know this put a smile on his face as well ! I know he would be so proud of Tyler and I felt him in that blind with us. I hope that Tyler wants to keep hunting and that he wants to keep hunting with me as well. I am glad that I was with Tyler when he took his first deer and I am also glad that I got it on film as well. I have all of Evan's hunts on film now we start a new chapter in life by getting Tyler's on film.

Memories are special I know this all to well and today I a new chapter in my life with more memories to hold deep and near my heart forever !