I couldn't wait for my buddy Klem to arrive in Iowa because I knew when he came up...things just seemed to happen!  He was good luck for me this year even though he himself couldn't get a buck on the ground.  We started adding up the days I had filmed him in a tree this year and couldn't count that high...but every time he filmed me, it seemed like the first day I would get lucky.  Well this time was no different.  

We knew that an Iowa muzzleloader tag meant a good chance and we were hoping it would happen tonight since -40 below wind chill temperatures were in the forecast and we really weren't looking forward to those type of conditions!  We headed to a cut corn field along side a Biologic Maximum and winter bulb / sugar beet field.  Klem had missed a big buck from this very box blind just a few weeks ago and we were looking to redeem ourselves. Each time we had hunted this box blind we had seen mature bucks, so we were optimistic even though the winds were gusting 30 mph.  

We didn't see our first deer until 4:16 pm which was not very typical.  We can see a country mile from this blind.  We were hoping they were just moving late and that's what happened.  About 5:00 pm deer were pouring out of the timber like an army of fire ants!  With about 5 minutes left in legal shooting light a group of bucks headed out of the timber.  I looked through my Nikon binoculars at the lead buck and immediately said shooter! Klem got the cameras ready as we both tried to open windows.  We knew we were on a time restraint and would have to get it done soon.  I grabbed my lucky TC Contender that had taken down three bucks this year between my daughters and I and tried to find the buck in the scope.  It was "Spider"!  He was one of the two bucks I was looking for and knew he was a 5 year old mature buck.  I looked at my Iphone and we had about 3 minutes left.  He finally turned broadside with 2 minutes remaining and he dropped right in the Biologic. He had definitely taken his last bite!

We celebrated because we knew that this season for me might never be repeated!  My 2 oldest daughters both harvested nice bucks and I had just harvested my 4th big buck of the season.  Memories made forever and all caught on film!  I have been truly blessed this season and want to thank each and every person who has been a part of it.  All the guys who help put up stands, plant food plots, shed hunt, fix tractors to cameramen and more!!!  

The preparation to have great deer hunting can be hard work but the experiences and memories that are forever implanted in our souls is what is magic!

Can't wait for next year :)

Tom Ware