January 1: Wanda Lindsey

The Allie Marten Buck

It is the time we all look forward to in our family, when the ladies get the time to hunt. My hunt started right after Christmas, with frigid temperatures and snow to deal with

It was the sixth day straight I had been chasing 2 different bucks, we were hunting in my favorite spot behind the house and what started as a great afternoon with a lot of deer activity early, changed rather rapidly when a young buck picked up our scent and cleared the field for us. Shortly after a progression of young bucks appeared, we watched with anticipation hoping to see the Allie Marten buck again this afternoon. He had appeared late the afternoon of our first day after shooting light, he is one of the oldest bucks on our farm. I had an encounter with him a couple of years ago but, he is much older now and definitely on the hit list.

Jeff spotted him coming in alone and headed straight toward us, I immediately started to prepare to shoot, as he came closer he turned and allowed me a perfect shot with the Thompson Center. When Jeff gave me the signal to shoot, I was ready, heart beating very rapidly, praying I make a good shot. I fired, boom! Once the smoke cleared, I watched him run approximately 20 yards, stop, look back and appeared to say, what happened to me and collapsed right there.
What a thrill to have taken this old warrior, time had not been too kind to him, all of his teeth were missing except two and one of those fell out when we opened his mouth. We are not sure if he would have survived the rest of winter. I am so thankful I was able to harvest such an awesome ole warrior.