January 5: David Lindsey

I spent most of my fall in Iowa looking for 3 different bucks. Every year I tell myself not to focus on specific bucks, but I’m hard headed and just get in my mind what I want. I was always a few yards too far away, a little late or just in the wrong place at the right time and was unable to wrap my tag around any of them.

When I first saw the wide nine in shotgun season, I wasn’t sure who he was so I was just happy to see a mature buck that we did not have any pictures of. When I got back to the house I showed him to Jeff to see if he recognized him, but it turned out he was a bonus buck that had just shown up on our farm that no one knew.

Fast forward two weeks, that would be the next time I laid eyes on him. I figured the way my season had been going in Iowa, I best take him should an opportunity present itself. I saw him on the edge of the cornfield we were in and he immediately walked right into the standing corn. I had a short opportunity get by us and hoped he would come back out. He stayed in there for about 10 minutes and decided to leave the same way he came in. When he stepped back into that opening, the cross hairs of my Nikon scope were on him. My cameraman said he had him, I settled and squeezed the trigger on my 50 cal. TC muzzleloader. The smoke cleared and I thought maybe I had hit him a little further back than I was aiming, so I was a bit upset. However, once we got him on the big screen, the sunny clear sky that day made it easy to see the bullet in slow motion and the shot hit right where I was aiming. We decided to give him to the next morning, just to be safe and when we started looking, he was piled up less than 100 yards away. Jeff took some great pictures of him in the snowy timber and he was one of the my coolest looking bucks to date.

Even though I wasn’t able to harvest one of the bucks I had chased the entire season, I was thankful the good Lord had sent a bonus buck my way and Team Ozonics had its 10th buck on the ground for 2013 season.